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Spring Demolition In Progress

Goddess, I'm busy.

My mom is coming the day after tomorrow. She's spending a few days here in Alameda until she, Roni and I all head off to Phoenix to celebrate Lilly's first birthday on 6/6/6.

My mom actually has been saying "You don't have to go crazy cleaning everything!"


Okay, so she means it. However, this is a PERFECT excuseopportunity to catch up on the dozen projects around the house that I've been meaning to tackle for the last two years. Since I moved in around April of '04, that pretty much covered spring cleaning for that year. I wasn't up for a big cleaning in '05, what with the crappy job at Apple Burlingame and panicking over Lilly's incipient birth.

So now it's all about catching up. The worst part of the situation is dealing with all of the paper that's going away -- which wouldn't be so bad, except it looks like everyone in this building is doing pretty much the same thing this week. Great minds and all that, I guess.

Of course, it wouldn't be good enough to deal with all of this by itself -- there HAS to be some sort of curve thrown at me as I juggle the myriad bits and pieces in a cloud of asthma attack inducing dust. In this case it came in the form of the 7 year old pismo that Roni was using finally biting it.

It's hard to be too troubled by the hardware dying in itself -- after all, I had that portable for several years, and Michele had it before that. I love the Pismo's as a model of Mac Portable -- dependable, solid, and BLACK, which all portables should be. While the iBook has proven a worthy successor, I must take care to keep the glossy white plastic cleaner than most operating rooms lest the slightest speck be the mote in mine eye.

Why yes, I AM lusting over the new black Mac Book. Amazon's offering a 100 buck rebate on it, which takes car of my only objection to the model -- that is the bizarre 150 buck premium for the color. I wish I were kidding -- if you get a white model with an 80 Gb hard drive, you get the SAME specs as the black model -- for 200 bucks less.

I can grit my teeth and pay 50 extra for black. At 150 not even a dyed in the wool Mac Head such as myself could bring myself to do it. Thank goodness for Amazon.

Under the too-sad-for-words category: The cash out of my garage.com stock options more than pays for the new portable. Which is good, as I had forgotten to deposit that check. I ran into it while sorting through some papers today -- to think that only a year ago that check would have gone straight from the mail box to the nearest ATM for deposit.

It's been 5 years since I wasn't so obsessed about every penny coming in. It's an odd feeling -- debt free, my savings are finally starting to build up, even with the money going to Phoenix for Catt and Lilly. I've even started contributing to a 401k again.

I could definitely get used to this.

Strange additional stress: This is the first official two week vacation that I've had in about 10 years. No, I DON'T consider the time spent out of work the same as a vacation -- anyone who has been in a similar circumstance knows what I mean.

Anyway, I'm going to explosively decompress a bit. Tomorrow I only have to finish cleaning my bedroom, the bathroom, and take a load of crapstuff to some deserving thrift store.
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