Yohannon (yohannon) wrote,

About To Hit The Showers...

Hey everyone, I'm back in Alameda -- I'm off to spend a day without stressing about cleaning then house or whether I'm about to stick my foot in it with Mom (which I almost did a time or two, but somehow managed to recover).

I'm starting to feel like journaling again, at least. You might have noticed a slight uptick over the last few days... I think my semi-hiatus helped.

Another thing that helps is that, having almost just lost a draft, LJ's new auto-save feature (well, fairly new, at least!) brought it back from the dead. I imagine we'll be hearing less of the "Aw shit, I just spent several hours working on an entry only to have it eaten by the angry computer gods!" type posts, thanks to it. NOTHING knocks the from the sails of creation like letting the words flow freely, only to realize they've all been flushed like yesterday's lunch.

Since I'm about to head out, not too much at the moment. I did want to craft a quick response to the comments over my last couple of posts.

Most importantly, I'm no where near as depressed or sad as the posts may have sounded. More contemplative, if anything -- I like to work out my personal reality checks here in the journal, which (in my mind) is what it's truly for.

For example, my comments about drugs as a crutch: cindy_reddeer noted that there are plenty of situations where their use is perfectly appropriate. However, she gives a clearly demonstrable need by mentioning a friend with high blood pressure. You take the pills to keep the blood pressure down, and the benefits are pretty clear.

The trouble with "inivisible" disabilities such as ADHD and other personality disorders is that people don't understand or know what the drugs are for, and it's not like you can point to a blood test or graph to illustrate what the drugs address. If it was hard for me to admit I was disabled myself, how can people not in my head understand?

In a lot of ways this is a form of "thinking aloud", working through my issues. It really does help, as do your comments, if only to prod me into realizing that I may be obsessing about the wrong things.

Anyway, gotta run. Later!
Tags: personal
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