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Whoosh! A Week Later and On The Left Coast Again...

Sheesh, this week simply slipped by. Obviously I survived the storm (though it did wreck some havoc...found out the next day that a few tornadoes had touched down).

So, where was I? Oh yeah...the bash...

So, the dance on Saturday night was great. Afterward, Val and myself went back to the room, spent some quality time, during which I apparently discovered a position Val didn't know she was looking for all her life. Gods, do you think I make these things up? That's pretty much how she described the sensation. I asked for details, to see if it was a reproducible thing, or if it was just a touch of zen amongst the crazed monkey sex.

Valerie then told me a bit of news regarding Crazy Threesome Babe -- She wasn't 100% sure, but was almost certain that aforementioned person had sent H some nude (!) photos of herself some time before, complete with a similar tale of woe. This made me feel a LOT better for walking away from that bit of nonsense.

It was about 2 AM, and we were literally winding things up for the night, when a knock could be heard at the door. It was, of course, Robin...and again, we didn't get to sleep until after 5.

Sunday was low key...no one seriously thought we would make it to breakfast (which ran from 7:30 to 10 AM. Right.) so we slept in for as long as we could. Robin left to meet up with the friends who had paid her way into the bash in the first place, while Valerie and I snuggled and tried to catch up on some sleep.

We actually managed to check out around noonish. Assorted bash denizens were wandering about the lobby, saying their good-byes. I brought the car around to load it up, and wound up spending an hour in front of the hotel with people, snapping pictures, grabbing some last gropes (especially in the case of Robin, who thoroughly scandalized some of the people present by giving Val a serious full on kiss), and so on.

I knew it was time to go after Scott, one of the bash organizers, turned to a co-conspirator (Belinda, I think), and said "Wow, I was so busy I had no idea we had visiting dignitaries". Valerie has sworn that she'll never let me forget that, especially since I apparently blushed at it. We now like to think of the Comfy Chairs at the dance the night before as the perks of a Visiting Dignitary and his consort.

So, Monday we flew back, and actually made it to Val's place by 9. To say that it was an uneventful flight would be an understatement...not even any rough air to liven things up.

Val suggested we hit the complex hot tub (suits required, but I was so sore I didn't care). We soaked about an hour, and we retired back to her place to order some pizza (which made us both ill, as it turned out). Afterwards, we watched Dogma, and then went to bed, where I tried to replicate a certain position...successfully, I'm happy to report.

Tuesday I drove back up, stopping for a few hours to see Linda again (the finest way to take a rest from the road), and was in Boulder Creek before 9 PM.

Thus ends the tale of the Atlanta Bash.
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