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These Wacky Germans

Chris (dragonwitchling) runs off to Chicago today. I'm trying to place "Chicago" in that special mental topological trick cabinet that groups a lot of places containing people I care about in the context of "a place I can't get to easily". Like Sacramento, London, Baton Rouge, San Diego, and countless other cities and places.

It's sort of working -- the transition sorta sucks.

I have to remind myself we we're only able to see each other once or twice a year due to the joys of family, school and work... in her case, more family and school. It helps not a whit.

I'll get over it. Not her, of course -- I would have managed that long before now if that were possible.

Meanwhile I cheer myself up with such bizarre bits of wrongness such as this link to, of all things, a german forklift safety video. Matt (here at the office) was cackling insanely to it last night, and it IS hysterical. Think George Romero meets Monty Python, and you'll have a good idea as to how work appropriate it is. Somehow the fact it's all in german makes it FUNNIER.

I've been trying to track down perlandria for a get together this week or next (I had tonight and tomorrow open! Woo!) -- and it just NOW occurred to me that she finally has her own cell phone, so why the hell don't I CALL it?! Insert picture of Yo thwapping his own thick forehead. Duh....

Same thing with lunar_phoenix -- I was going to try to get together with her one on one (the last two times I was also hanging with dragonwitchling for her going away party and penguin_goddess's b-day, respectively). However, her Latin class seems designed to disrupt our plan making. I'm hoping she can work something out!

Even with Chris' departure, I'm having a remarkably drama free week, and am enjoying it muchly. It makes for boring reading to some extent -- but I, for one, could stand to be bored for a bit.

At least it's an improvement over the days when I sat around spinning my wheels, wondering what the hell was supposed to be next. Nowadays I'm too busy living my life for such idle speculations.
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