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The World Wide Spider Web

Okay, it's not fair. It's going to be 10 months before I get to see this!

People who followed the Spidey saga through the 80's will be familiar with the odd story of the symbiotic suit that he procured during... er, actually I'm a bit vague on the suits origins. I think it involved a foray into outer space, possibly as an X-Men crossover involving Phoenix. I strongly suspect they re-write it's origin (let me guess -- self-aware* nanotech?), but the gist seems to be the same.

I'm hoping that they show this on the iMax screen the Friday night in Dublin, CA -- Roni and I will be heading over to catch "Superman Returns -- The 3D iMax Experience".

Who was it who coined the term "kidult"? All too appropriate, especially since we're also thinking of heading to the CA Extreme Gaming Expo, probably July 8th. Is it wrong that I hope there's an original "Pong" there?

In other news, in a(nother) sign of the apocalypse, Yahell has actually (FINALLY!!) produced a new version of Y! Mess for the Mac. True, it's currently in beta, but now I understand what the hell people are talking about when they mention the animated icons. The next beta promises the long elusive VOICE functionality, and (even more exciting) MSN Messenger interoperability.

With iChat's working with AIM I could finally have the three major chat services fully working on the Mac, natively. Just when I could just as easily load up a copy of Paralells on the Mac and run Windows as a virtual machine. Feh.

* In the comic book the suit eventually becomes completely autonomous and becomes a villain in its own right, with the handle "Venom". I think it got its own limited run title for awhile, if memory serves.
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