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Begging For the Fog's Return

It's finally cooled a bit here in Alameda. To be blunt, I don't pay the rent I'm paying to be subjected to 100 degree temps. Yes, I know they have it far worse elsewhere, such as poor Erika in Vacaville watching her temps push 120. I don't care -- it's not supposed to be this hot.

Why, yes, I'm whiney and exhausted by not being able to sleep for several days. Even last night, when the night-time lows finally dropped to a reasonable level by midnight, I was still feeling icky and restless. I'm seriously considering going home and straight to bed, except I would probably wake up at 2AM and be unable to get back to sleep.

I think I took about a dozen showers this weekend. I even saw TWO movies, which I can't remember doing in a single weekend in quite some time.

The movies? Monster House in 3D (wicked cool) and Clerks II (hysterically and unabashedly raunchy, yet touching). The latter had me sitting in amazement as a couple brought in their 8 and 10 year old boys. Did these people ever see the FIRST Clerks movie? Did they think Kevin Smith had mellowed since then? Didn't they read ANY of the reviews, while very favorable (though some were obviously annoyed that they liked the movie -- on the surface, it really should have sucked)?

I remember walking into a CostCo about a month ago, and they were having a sale on those portable room AC's. For 185 bucks I would have saved Roni, myself, and probably Kim some serious sweltering action. Hell, I probably would have had bedding crammed into a single room as I tried to save as many people as possible.

But instead, with the fog layer moving in and out in predictable, gloriously chilly fashion, we decided that it was frivolous to buy something we'd only use a few times a year.

Sunday there wasn't a single AC to be found at any CostCo in the bay area. Hell, there were no FANS left, thus making my impulse buy of one of these space saving vertical fans seem downright brilliant, rather than the dumb ass luck it truly was.

Not that it helped. At one point the window fan temperature reading actually CRASHED, blinking random temps until things cooled down enough Saturday night to the nineties. Fans in these conditions are about as useful for cooling as a hair dryer.

Dinner saturday night was regular applications of Carvel Flying Saucers and ice water. The thought of anything else made me want to hurl.

During all this heat I got to watch the Shrub veto stem cell research because he believes in protecting innocent embryonic blastocysts, as opposed to protecting actual thinking, breathing human beings here and in Iraq... Or Afghanistan... or Lebanon... or New Orleans...

Not that the Dems can remove their collective heads from Bush's ass long enough to act like anything other than window dressing opposition. Take the Lieberman vs. Lamont thing in Connecticut. Instead of realizing that their out of touch with their constituency, they're trying to play it like a bunch of extremists bloggers are trying to take over.

Whose fucking party is it, anyway? I know Dean's gotta be LOVING watching the same people who were pissed that he thought that the Dems need to be active in all 50 states (imagine, a national party that was actually NATIONAL) getting their asses handed to them by a bunch of grass-roots upstarts. The audacity!

Right after 2000 there was a nasty republican sticker going around based on the "Gore/Lieberman" design, "Sore/Loserman". We should resurrect that sticker for Lieberman, a man who would rather keep his snout in the trough then admit that CT doesn't want him to be their senator anymore.

But I digress.

I'm going to stay here in the blessed AC at work until 5, then I'm going home. If I make it to 10PM, I'll collapse into a slumber that I hope will carry me to at least 6ish the following morning. Otherwise I'll be completely worthless at work tomorrow -- I'm amazed I've managed to fumble through ANYTHING the last two days as it is, much less get the kudos I've received.

Muddled post? Did I mention that I haven't really slept since last week?
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