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Damn, I Need New Icons...*

So, I think I'm going to officially make this a weekly update for the time being -- for one thing, it relieves me of the tension inherent of feeling this blog hovering in the back of my mind. Mind you, that will be for THIS personal journal -- I'm thinking applying the same approach to my community blogs will actually result in a net increase in posting.

Last Friday, Roni, "Auntie" Darlene and I went to the Theater Rhino (yes, THAT Theater Rhino of Big Burlesque fame) to catch a series of one act plays given by the "Magickal Acts" people. All three were excellent, though "Revisionist History" ripped your heart out (and was the strongest of the three). My only complaint was that, particularly in the case of the last play, they were in sore need of a firmer hand in directing.

I had the weirdest flash after the last play -- that I want to direct. I haven't the first IDEA how to direct. Maybe a small movie. No, not erotica...

But then again, why not? It would be fun to do something that had a bit of everything.

Oh, before I forget, people who want to check out my 15 minutes of infamy can now check out the "Fat Girls and Feeders" documentary on YouTube. Yes, them. It was apparently ripped from a European re-run on their equivalent of the Discovery Channel, complete with Danish (I think) sub-titles. If you do search for it, Roni, kshandra, tracytreefrog,bunjee, and [Unknown LJ tag] are featured most prominently in part 3. Note that this is NOT work safe by any stretch of the imagination.

But I'm digressing.

So, we emerged from Rhino and got back to a car (we had miraculously found kick-ass parking only about 100 feet from the front door) that was sans the passenger side window.

Folks, I literally went YEARS without replacing any auto-glass for any reason. IN the last two months I've had to replace the shield, and now a front passenger door. The fools had gone through the center console and the glove box...

And got nothing.

I know it's stupid, but it's actually MORE annoying that they DIDN'T get anything of value -- sort of reduces the reasoning behind the breakage to perhaps some roving bands of young republicans irate at my "ImpeachBush.org" bumper sticker.

Making it even stupider (though lucky for Darlene) was that they completely missed her backpack in the back seat, the bucket o' change in the center console (about 20 bucks), several kites, a fairly pricey bicycle pump. They found and discarded our copy of (irony? further evidence of repugicanism?) "I Want to be A Republican" by the Kinsey Sicks.

A quite run to the nearest vacume cleaner (over on 18th and Potrero) I managed to clear out the glass to a point that it just looked like the window was down, not broken in by inept burglers. By noon the next day it was replaced (it was about 280 bucks... basically my insurance is paying for the tax), although the nice glass installer managed, to his eternal mortification, to lock my keys in the car. Fortunately, Roni had a set, and he had just finished installing the glass, so it was a minor glitch. The poor man was so relieved I didn't freak out on him (in fact, it was down-right FUNNY).

Saturday I deliberately kept a low profile. After the break-in I was feeling kinda weird (even though nothing was taken, it's still oddly shaking), so I stayed home and set up my ESD station (I *finally* got myself the anti-static mat and wrist band set to properly make upgrades) and broke it in by upgrading my TiVo to 680 hours and networking. Whatever else you can say about those old series one's, the damn things are built to last. Kim came over to keep me company and to observe my extreme geekishness.

Sunday, Roni and I actually managed to ride to the park again. She surprised herself by riding the road along the beach to South Shore center for a light snack, and then made it home without being completely out of breath or in pain.

The bulk of this week has been taken up by work. First, yesterday was my anniversary date. I can't believe that I've been here for a whole year, and not only am I still having a blast, I feel like I'm learning so much. This week I'm expanding my Perl skills as a part of my "project" week, sans phones for the purpose, and it's FUN -- especially when it works. There are still things about Perl that baffle the hell out of me, but I've discovered that seems to apply to anyone who digs into it deep enough. I still want to play with Ruby a bit at some point.

I was supposed to get together with perlandria last night, but that fell through. In fact, I'm kinda sorta worried that she hasn't called -- I'm hoping it's something benign.

Now I'm typing this entry, resisting the urge to stream video from my TiVo to work, just to prove I can do it. I have a fellow TiVo hacker here who would think it's as cool as I do. This same gentleman is also feeding my "Lost" addiction as we debate the finer details of the show (and where the HELL it's going to go now). Considering that Erika is coming over for lunch, I should get my buns back to work.

Later, people!

* Well, I do. Making it worse is that it would take me about an hour to create and load up a dozen clever little bits -- considering the vast wealth of pictures in my posession, not to mention the bits I could snag to re-mix into something relatively hysterical in a fair-use sense.
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