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One Flu Over... (Well, Almost)...

So all day tuesday, I had this tickle in my throat. I didn't think it was a big deal, as any number of things can do that to me. Pollen, for example. Dust. Smog, even.

Even later that night when I started coughing my brains out, I figured I was having an asthma attack. Icky, but nothing a few hits of ventolin couldn't fix.

Then I awoke wednesday with an actual fever, congested, achy... I had somehow managed to catch myself a flu. In august.

Worse, instead of cruising through it in a mere 24 hours or so (as I usually do) I found myself calling in sick for not only that day, but for thursday and friday as well.

People who know me know I don't call in sick if I can help it, and if I do I try to keep it to a single day. THREE days is unheard of. In fact, I was starting to worry that this wasn't just a flu (there's a precedent for that!), but last night I finally began to feel a little better.

Today I'm almost certainly on the mend. Instead of the nasty cough where you just feel like your trying to eject a lung, I'm actually clearing stuff out. Admittedly that's pretty darn gross, but at least I fell less congested now. I'm even sitting upright today for extended periods, and my neck no longer feels locked in one position.

Which is why you didn't get a wednesday post after all... which is a shame, as it turns out the "plot" to blow up planes using liquids hadn't gotten as far as to figure out HOW to do it. In fact, the british are hard pressed to find enough evidence to continue holding the suspects.


The timing of this "plot" is equally suspicious, considering that word is the US was behind the Israeli strikes on southern Lebanon, all in preparation of an attack on Iran.

Double oops.

Sure, things are going so WELL in afghanistan and iraq... let's include Iran in all of the fun! Then you could use WW III as an excuse to call off the 2006 election cycle, thus preventing the loss of control of the congress, not to mention a few governorships...

Hey, this is the same white house that just got it's ass handed to it in court over the wiretapping scheme -- and they STILL insist it's constitutional, even though they got a completely up front chapter and verse breakdown as to why it wasn't. That the decision reads like a junior high civics class on the topic is probably no accident -- these guys apparently skipped those classes as well.


Ok, enough of that.

So, about a month ago I got some semi-spam from Ticketmaster about the upcoming pre-season opener for the niners vs. "da bears". It's only semi-spam as at least I USE ticketmaster, so it's occasionally handy to have little reminders of upcoming events.

This one gave me a great idea -- why not surprise Roni? So I went to it, got some great seats, a parking placard, and... waited.

The only person who knew of my plans was penguin_goddess, as I needed SOMEONE to confide in about it, and she was in a good position to make sure she kept that Friday (the 11th) free. I even made sure she found an excuse to try on her 'niner jacket, just to see if it still fit -- my plan was to stash that, her Jerry Rice jersey and her 'niner cap (did I mention she bleeds red and gold?) in the car and surprise her as we approached the 'stick.

That Friday morning I woke up while Roni was getting ready -- she wanted to know if she could use the Saturn, as she was running late and didn't want to wait for the bug to warm up. Since I bike to and from work these days I said "sure" and fell back asleep. An hour later I think the coin dropped, and I awoke with a start -- the night before I had stashed the tickets and parking pass in a white envelope with a bright pink post-it note on it in the glove box of the Vue.

Right on top of her CD's.

So the whole day I sweated out the possibility that she would pop open the box, she the envelope, go "hey, what's this..."

Fortunately I got lucky.

One thing I didn't realize I had in my favor: She thought that the opener was an away game, and the boys would be in Chicago! I discovered this as we crawled over the bridge and KCBS traffic mentioned that roadways around the stadium were clogged because of the game.

About this time my heart was almost stopped again when I grumbled about how dirty the INSIDE of the windshield was. Probably a bit of out-gassing from the newly replaced glass from earlier in the year. Ever helpful, Roni went to find me some napkins to wipe it down... and popped open the glove box.

She actually moved the envelope up to find the napkins and closed the box -- and I was absolutely petrified. The only thing that saved me was that I was able to look straight forward while I composed myself. Plus, it's easier to cover up when people are being dick-heads while driving, and that's always something you can count on while driving over the bay bridge.

Now, one of the reasons it's so hard to surprise Roni is she's a bit of a control freak -- so she's always ASKING for some clue about what I was planning. I finally decided to tell her that we were going to a "show", which was certainly true... after a fashion.

When we were close to the stadium I decided to let her in on the secret, if only to obtain her special knowledge of how to navigate the approach. I told her that the directions were on the tickets in the envelope in the glove box.

She proceeded to tell me "You suck!" in a tone that meant she thought exactly the opposite.

The only thing beyond my control for the evening was arranging a win for the Niner's, against a team they had a major grudge against, but who happened to be one of the top teams from the previous season.

The goddess smiled (and Mike Nolan helped), and they kicked da Bears ass. Even the third string.

Which brings me to Yo's Theory of How He Caught This Mo-Fo. Roni had a craving for some garlic fries. As a pre-season game the concessions were hardly up to full speed -- in fact, the single garlic fry purveyor right by our section (18, lower reserved, in case you follow these things) was shuttered (grumble).

It took me some 35 minutes of walking around the entire freaking stadium before I finally found a short line, got some fries, a cheese-steak sandwich, a coke and water, and fought my way back to the seat.

Good thing these fries were worth it.

The water was an interesting problem: Moron behind the counter actually argued with me when I ordered it. "We don' ha' water," he drawled.

"What, the fountains don't have a water spigot?" As far as I knew most did.

"Naw." I didn't have a good enough angle to determine if he was lying to me or not.

"Okay, then I'll take tap. Over ice." He blinked dully at me.

"You want... tap?" Moron, like I said.

"Yes, tap. And yes, I'll pay for it."

Through that whole ordeal I was stunned at how badly the line control was managed (or, in this case, NOT) throughout the whole stadium. Lines were blocking the passageways, people with armloads of food were forced to navigate through these dense thickets of people. Hundreds of people. THOUSANDS.

Screw airports -- just have some paradise seeking dick-wad with nothing to lose spraying goddess-knows-what during half-time, and you'd take out huge swaths of the population. Hell, after the game they had a call-in from someone attending the game... from Ireland.

Is it any wonder I managed to catch a freaking FLU?

Anyhow, I'm posting this while I still have energy to post a private post I meant to post LAST week.
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