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Oh, And Another Thing...

Just to get this caught up to last Friday (more or less):

My plan was to open Rotunda Artworks for business May 1. Well, in the true tradition of projects, my schedule slipped a little.

I think I could have actually pulled it off, except a straightforward upgrade of my iBook (I can already hear the laughter) hard drive (it's louder now) turned into a bit of a cluster fuck that took the entire day to resolve. Turns out that a single wire on a cable harness attached to the battery module was slightly frayed, resulting in one of those maddening intermittent failures induced whenever said frayed spot grounded out against the metal RF shielding.

For the non-geeks in the audience, it was shorting out whenever my left hand rested ever so slightly on the keypad...but only AFTER it was completely re-assembled. This made diagnosis a bit of a bitch, especially since the short would send the kernel into a panic (translation: It would crash in a Really Bad Way that should never happen) and me into a bit of a tizzy (translation: I got Really Mad, and stomped around making frustrated gurgling noises). Fortunately, all was made well again, and me and my iBook made peace. A piece of duct tape, actually. It's been running ever since, so I guess it worked.

So,I spent Thursday working on the new pages, and uploaded them that night...Officially I have to say the sales began on May 3rd. I received my first order on Saturday, May 4th, and an inquiry as to whether I would sell to someone in the UK on Sunday, the 6th.

Today, I assembled the first CD to be sold (Ladybug and Belle, Volume 1), and it ships tomorrow (I was SO paranoid about the cross platform compatibility issues, I wanted to double check EVERYTHING).

How about that...I'm a small business.

There more stuff to write about...but it can wait until tomorrow. Er, I mean, later today. Right now, I'm beat.
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