Yohannon (yohannon) wrote,

And Now, A Fine Whine!

Ah, that old saying: "When it rains, it pours". Usually uttered when a series of unrelated events of a sub-optimal nature seem to occur all at once.

First, I get sick... perhaps the only truly EXTENDED illness I've had in awhile. In fact, as I write this it's been 5 solid days, and I get to return to work tomorrow feeling only marginal. Next, my trusty desktop Mac dies suddenly (literally the first DAY I was sick), though a bizarre fever dream clued me in to the cause -- I have no idea how that worked -- all I know is that, in the dream, I realized that the funky power supply I had slapped in there 6 months ago had PARTLY failed, and it turned out to be exactly that -- I think the 5v portion of the supply coughed it up. Then my wireless router started vomiting all over the place, though a lucky search led me to an un-official, unreleased version of the firmware that fixed several dumbass programming mistakes. I'm telling you, LinkSys products had simply sucked since Cisco bought them.

Finally, just to REALLY piss me off, it turns out that the Mac Book I'm working with at this very moment suffers from a flaw that can cause spontaneous shut-downs. As in complete power off, no warning. Since it's a known problem and WELL within warranty, all I have to do is walk into an Apple store...

And give it up for a week.

This bites, as I had JUST finished consoling myself about the desktop thinking "Hey, I have the portable until I can fix that". Only now, I need to fix that before I fix THIS.

Now that I've bitched about all of this, a moment to remind myself just how minor all of this really is:
  • I *am* getting better. True, it's harder to tell as I try to wean myself off any drugs stronger than ibuprofen, but I literally lost Thursday completely. Today, I actually was able to sit up, watch TV with Roni, and generally start to work myself up for going back to work. And folks, I had something like 140+ hours of sick time accrued, even with the hours I've used for Dr. Gross and the dentist -- I just don't call in that often. And if the worst thing about being sick (other than the physical discomfort) is to actually utter the phrase "But I WANNA go to work!", then I need to reconsider wallowing in that despair.

  • I was already PLANNING on completely re-building the Mac desktop, including picking up a beefier (read: higher wattage) power supply and a new case. This just means I have to do next weekend what I had originally planned to do... uh, next weekend. To be fair, that was based on not being sick THIS weekend, but it's hardly a major schedule shift.

  • I was able to FIX that router, including all the glitches I had been dealing with for the last month or so.

  • The "spontaneous shutdown" thing is NOT very frequent -- which of course kinda makes it more dangerous -- "save early and often" has always been one of my watchwords, but I sorta got out of the habit since OS X has been so goddamn STABLE. This isn't an OS problem, but a hardware flaw with the heat sink -- the most likely time is after the Mac "wakes" from sleep mode, as there's always a spike in CPU usage about then. If the chip gets too hot too fast, the circuitry shuts everything off to prevent damage. That should happen AFTER the Mac attempts to crank the fans up to cool things down, not at a moments non-notice. Anyway, since I always save before the Mac sleeps (that's one old habit I've never shook!) I've actually not lost anything. Yet.

It's item one that makes everything else just seem so much more annoying. Once I'm 100% I'll just re-shuffle my life again and focus a bit. Better yet, I have to remember that I have a 5 day weekend coming up this labor day! WOO!
Tags: personal, rant
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