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Perforce Job Listing: QA Engineer

Hey y'all,

Please send me your resumes directly so you can help me get the referral bonus for getting you your kickass new job! :-P


QA Engineer

Full time, exempt
Reports to the QA Manager

Perforce Software is looking for a Test Engineer to join our QA team in Alameda. If you have experience testing large-scale production software systems on Windows, Mac and Unix/Linux operating systems, we'd like to hear from you. Solid communication skills, attention to detail and the ability to effectively manage competing priorities are also important qualifications for this position.


o As a member of the QA staff, you will be responsible for testing all software products on various OS platforms.

o You will design, implement and maintain test plans and test cases for new products, and for new features in evolving products.

o On a daily basis, you will work with QA staff, product advocates, developers, designers and tech support engineers to identify problems and assure that they're being addressed, and to verify that all fixes implemented are complete and correct.

Required Skills:

o Solid understanding of at least two operating systems.
o Prior experience in QA and Test.
o 2-5 years hands-on technical experience in a software development environment.
o The ability to effectively work on multiple concurrent projects with minimal supervision.
o Good understanding of programming issues, challenges and pitfalls.
o Experience with one or more scripting language: Ruby, Perl, Python, etc.
o Excellent problem solving and communication skills.


o Familiarity with Perforce products and/or other SCM systems.
o Programming experience with C++.
o Experience with Trolltech's cross-platform Qt libraries.
o Object-oriented programming experience.


BA/BS or equivalent experience.
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