Yohannon (yohannon) wrote,

Of Mac Books and Media Morons

So yesterday I received a call from Apple Burlingame that my poor Mac Book was ready for pickup. I already knew what they would be replacing, thanks to the rather active discussion about the "Sudden Shutdown" issues all over the Mac forums -- the Main Logic Board (MLB), the Heat Sink Assembly, and the Heat Sponge Pipe.

So Roni and I decided to head out and grab that thing... after waiting nearly 3 and a half weeks, I was READY.

Traffic was almost non-existent, especially after we hit Hayward. Weirdest thing about the ride was the very odd (but incredibly cool) sunset. I really wish I had a camera -- the sun had dipped behind the mountains in the west, but a distinct pillar of light shot into the sky where the sun had set. Neither of us had ever seen a sunset do that before, and we marveled as we drove over the San Mateo bridge. My theory is that it was a reflection of the sunlight off of the Pacific, combined with just the right atmospheric condition.

The iPod was on shuffle, and out of over a week's worth of music it decided to play Pink Floyd's "Great Gig in the Sky"... and the song ended and the pillar finally faded just as we hit the Burlingame exit.

Sometimes life IS like that.

The visit to the store was anti-climatic -- none of the people there were people I had worked with. I was in and out in about 5 minutes, and we were home only an hour after we left.

Weird but true: I slept REALLY well last night. So sleepy was I that I didn't even get to crack open the Mac Book that I had so eagerly awaited. So it wasn't until today that I <a href
Tags: personal, politics, rant
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