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Yohannon's Fall Previews

What a great weekend -- minimal drama, relaxing, and entertaining. I need more of those sorts of weekends, I do.

I can't believe that this month is nigh over, and October is upon us. As the last month before mid-term elections that will decimate the republican majorities in congress, we all sit and await what lovely manufactured "October Surprise" that will somehow rescue, beyond all hope, the chances that the Shrub and his handlers will not be impeached over the next two years.

Of course, it should be noted that it's not necessary for this "Surprise" to act as anything other than a distraction and excuse, combined with bogus polls showing unexplained "bounces", for an engineered "upset" at the polls. All hail Diebold! Who needs a stinkin' audit trail when you'll just tweak the results accordingly.

Yes, I dearly wish this was a paranoid raving -- however, the last two elections were so rife with irregularities and outright fraud that I'm surprised we haven't been occupied by NATO peacekeepers.

Of course, to make matters worse is the little problem that there are now over FOUR TIMES the annual rate of terrorist attacks under Bush than under Clinton in his last year in office. The source for these assertions is a little operation called the "Terrorism Knowledge Base"*, created by (wait for it!) -- the Department of Homeland Security.

Of course, between that and the leaking of a report that shows what us "negative nancys" were saying all along is actually fact ("Wow, invading a middle-eastern country preemptively has INCREASED world-wide terrorism -- heathen ingrates!!")
and you have complete and utter failure in every possible way. Bush thinks the Iraq war is going to be "a comma" in history... I wonder if he realizes that his presidency will warrant no more than an asterisk?**

Screw an easy segue -- I'm tired of bitching about this idiot. Make sure your registered to vote, get an absentee ballot, and make sure it gets in on time. However you do it, vote, and get someone else to do the same.***

With all the fall premiers, I've been checking out more TV than I have in... well, years. I've already dismissed a couple -- "Vanished" is just a painfully desperate attempt to re-create the success of "24", only the lead isn't Kiefer, and I keep remembering him bending over a blonde pretty-boy over a piano in a "Queer as Folk" simulated gay sex act, "Smith" is a bit muddled and oddly disengaged from the audience. On the bubble are shows like "Jericho" (How the HELL are they going to sustain that plot over a single season, much less multiple seasons?) and "Shark"****, while it's entertaining to watch James Woods chew up scenery like a wood chipper on steroids, suffers from a luke-warm supporting cast washed out by the incandescent glow of their monomaniacal lead.

One of the shows I was most curious about is "Heroes", basically a "mutants with super powers among us!" tale -- it looked intriguing in the clever ads, and the first show was... well, not bad. It had plot twists that surprised me, some good dialogue. Hopefully it doesn't completely disintegrate by mid-season ("Invasion", anyone?).

But the best show thus far isn't a huge shock -- "Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip" eschews the short show title herd mentality and illustrates why Sorkin had to have a room added to his home to hold all the awards from "West Wing". And the Emmy for best actor in a drama goes to... Matthew Perry?!

Yes, he's that good. They all are. The first show was incredible, and the second show aired last monday was... incredible. If the show next Monday is anywhere near as good, this is the juggernaut to beat.*****

My personal life? Well, work is busier than ever, Mom's annoyed with me for forgetting to send flowers to a funeral for Skip's mother (my step-grandmother?), and I'm getting the best sleep I've had in YEARS. I actually wake up rested and WANTING to get up. I think I even gotten my neck properly adjusted from the nasty torquing it got last month during these coughing fits. Dr. Bill said that my "atlas" was out of whack -- it's the bone that goes between your skull and your spine -- and getting it back into place was the most painful adjustment I've ever gotten. Mind you, even that's not very painful, but I'm used to completely trouble-free adjustments.

I think I need to start scheduling some enforced down-time for myself, preferably someplace remote, like Harbin. Maybe I can check out Lupin down in Los Gatos. Regardless of where I go, I need to take the time to recharge, feel less like every waking moment is either scheduled or overshadowed by some oncoming event that I have to concentrate on.

Even dramatically reducing my social life such as I have I still feel overwhelmed. On top of this is the continuing communication issues between myself and dcatt1 (and Lilly, of course) -- mind you, not because we're having trouble talking to one another, but because her cell phone is acting up and they've moved to a new place where the computer is no longer easily seen or heard.

The move? Well, it's from this bunkeresque apartment complex of the type that infests Phoenix that make me nervous as they're invariably built using cinder-blocks -- you know, the things they DON'T use in california to build entire residences because... Anyone? Bueller? -- to an actual house. Lilly now has her own room!

But the side effect has been to go from at least chatting on almost a daily basis to perhaps two or three contacts. Hopefully we'll shake out the glitches soon -- in the mean-time I'm going to have to work harder to get a visit set up soon. I was originally planning on late september/early October, but that's no longer an option. At least I won't have to completely abandon my liquid toiletries on the flight -- though the prospect of pouring my lube into a medicine bottle to get around the dumb-ass three ounce limit is almost more amusing than infuriating.


* Which sounds like someplace you would go to figure out why your timer on your dirty bomb was counting up instead of down... "Damn these poorly made Russian gadgets! Who knew that all the timers made before 1987 suffer from the Y2K bug?!"

** Maybe two.

*** Why haven't I mentioned Clinton vs. Matthews last Sunday? Because Clinton did a fine job defending himself against the bullshit of a passive aggressive right-wing questioning session that amounted to "So Bill, when did you stop molesting Chelsea, before or after you became president?" Of course the wingnuts are SHOCKED at his "over-reaction", especially since they can't really contest it. Bush IS the guy who actually said, on CAMERA, that he doesn't even think about Osama anymore, and Clinton is the guy that the SAME WINGNUTS accused of being "obsessed" with bin Laden and terrorism. Oops is right!

**** Short titles are the latest thing... ironic, considering what the best show of the year is (so far).

***** Oh, it's been out for awhile so it's not a NEW show, but it deserves my vote for "Show Most Likely To Get A Network Burned To The Ground By Christian Terrorists" -- Moral Orel on Cartoon Network. And yes, perlandria, I've dubbed a set so paka can see and glory in the wrongness that is "Davey and Goliath" gone snarky.
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