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Get On You Bikes and... ARGH!

Hey people, I don't know how long I can type before exhausting myself, so I'm going to make this as brief as possible.

Not long after my last post I rode my bike home for funch with Erika. After a lovely hour of snuggling, conversation and (much to my own shock) food in the form of a lovely ham and cheese sandwich, I rode back.

Coming up on Perforce I saw that the Park Street bridge was up, backing traffic down Clement St. That, as it turns out, was instrumental to my undoing.

I pulled around the line of cars and wound up between the inactive train tracks that run down Clement. I didn't figure out what had gone wrong until later that night -- my bike tires both wound up on the far left rail at the same time, and they promptly slipped off, pitching me forward and sideways.

I don't remember hitting the ground -- I just know I was stunned, and was trying to get up out of the road as quickly as possible. I was more embarrassed then anything, and just wanted to get into the building before I looked even more foolish.

There were a few problems with this plan, the first being I couldn't seem to get my body to work at all. I don't recall much in the way of visuals, even though my eyes were open and I was more or less conscious. I vaguely recall knowing that I had dislocated my right shoulder and trying to pop it back in (and failing).

I felt like there was this instant crowd around me -- people were helping me up, though I only stayed upright for a few steps. It seemed like the cops and paramedics were there in seconds -- someone said I was going into shock, and I recall seeing our receptionist, Pam, standing there with ice packets.

I managed to pull it together enough to thank everyone (as it stands there was no way I was going to remember anyone there other than Pam -- I could walk past those people right now and not know if it was them or not). I unfortunately recall every second of them strapping me to a back board and loading me into an ambulance.

They had trouble finding a blood pressure cuff that worked in the ambulance, which for some reason struck me as really funny.

At the ER I found out why I couldn't pop my shoulder back in -- instead of the usual anterior dislocation I had a posterior... or was that the other way around? Anyway, someone had figured out what Roni's number was on my cell (the exterior display cracked, but the phone is otherwise completely functional) and she arrived at the hospital.

They got me on painkillers, and once they checked that nothing was broken they worked it back in. Since I had just eaten (of all the days NOT to miss lunch) they didn't want to risk a general.

They then sewed up my lip. My face was a bit beat up, but I think my helmet's visor prevented me from breaking nose or teeth... not to mention my head. One of the many reasons I would rather look 'tarded wearing a helmet, even though they're not required for adults under California law. Roni was incredibly brave, and wouldn't even leave when the needles came out to numb and then sew me up.

They were about to re-run the x-rays to check my right shoulder, when I realized that something was off with my left arm. They took some shots of that, and oh! Fucking joy! I had managed to give myself a radial fracture of the elbow.

So when I finally staggered out of there my right arm was immobilized, my left was in a splint, and my face looked (and felt) like I had tried to french kiss a sidewalk.

I'm going to skip past the next 36 odd hours, as they were uncomfortable and BORING. Kim stood watch during the afternoon so Roni could do her month end thing at PGW. Erika offered for today, but Roni really wanted to be here. I will note that it was weird how much I couldn't do -- though I was able to type short IM's to Kim (with my toes... no, I'm not kidding) so she could post something to LJ.

This morning I went to see Ortho to find out how bad it really was, All-in-all, it's about as good as the news could be, considering. The left arm will NOT need surgery -- after hearing the initial diagnosis on Wednesday I kept thinking about what Val went through to fix her arm after similar damage. He noted that surgery wouldn't make it any better, so it's about 4 weeks in the splint for me... which can come off for bathing!!

My right arm is doing the bulk of the typing now, though he cleared me for typing on both. I was thinking that I could be back to work by Monday, but I have been told to take the time to heal. I stopped briefly at Perforce to let everyone know I was okay (the bike, curiously enough, is fine. Figures.) -- I might make it to movie night tonight after all!

Okay, it's taken 5 times the normal time to get this far -- I have to rest five minutes after each paragraph, and the Percoset (sic?) is making me sleepy. Thank you so much to everyone for their kind thoughts and wishes!
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