Yohannon (yohannon) wrote,

Quaking in my Shoes

Goddess, it just keeps coming. For one thing, I almost forgot what day it was -- then it clicked. Oct. 17, 1989, 5:04 PM.

If a heavy truck rolls by I'm going to FREAK. Ok, maybe not so much freak as freeze, breath held until I identify the source of the shaking.

17 years since Loma Prieta. Wow. John Anderson's been dead so long his kids are all adults now. There are STILL gaps in the architecture in downtown Santa Cruz, though two of the larger plots are FINALLY being built out. That would leave the old Atlantis Comics location (as seen in "The Lost Boys") and Bookshop Santa Cruz's old foundation. The former looks like an odd gap between buildings, whereas the latter looks remarkably like the ruins of an ancient and forgotten time.

Add that to the 20 days until the election, waiting for the other surprise to drop. Everyone's thought of the obvious -- bin Laden suddenly captured, invading Iran, and so on. I'm surprised more people haven't pointed out the other possibility, that of orchestrating the invasion of North Korea by China, which would necessitate "supporting" the south. Of course, this invasion would require an impetus -- perhaps a small nuke shipped to, say, Oakland...

Yes, MY Oakland. China wouldn't care as much if an East Coast court was taken out, and Oakland is THE port to nail. Ironically, prevailing winds being what they are and the bomb being relatively small as atomic weapons go, Alameda would probably be fine -- other than the shock wave, of course.

Wouldn't that make things lively for a bit?*

In the mean-time, my Ortho appointment last Friday has resulted in my arm being non-splint clad for longer periods during the day. I'm doing the exercises, trying to get some mobility back, all a mere three weeks since my sudden sharp landing knocked me silly. The cut over my left eye is still very visible, which will work in my favor come Samhain, I'm sure.

One of the things I was hoping for was to re-schedule the Tub and Dinner with the Koosh that I was forced to cancel afterwards -- except now it looks like the flu I contracted in August is making the rounds properly this time. Leave it to me to be an early adopter for the freaking FLU.

At least work is going well, if busy. In fact, I'm going to have to cut this short (again) and continue my tales of woe at a later date.

* Yes, it's a super-ultra-long shot -- I'm not ready to be fit with a tin-foil hat quite yet, thanks.
Tags: personal, politics, rant, work
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