Yohannon (yohannon) wrote,

Perforce Job Listing: Enterprise Support Plan Administrator

Same drill folks -- if you'd like to apply, send resume and cover letter to moi.


Enterprise Support Plan Administrator

Part- to Full-time (as needed), non-exempt
Reports to Director of Technical Support

We are looking for someone who is very conscientious and detail-oriented, and able to follow up on many tasks concurrently, who takes joy in both administrative and diplomatic accomplishments. You will be responsible for tracking and reporting on many aspects of support, for coordinating and tracking resources, and for keeping records up to date. You may also actively edit and improve technical documents. As an integral part of the Enterprise Support Team, you will participate in keeping our customers happy in their use of Perforce. The ideal candidate will have a passion for accuracy, promptness, and completeness, and an ability to find solutions to challenging administrative problems.


* Tracks customer Calls, Jobs, Training, Consulting, Conference Calls
* Creates reports
* Keeps webpage reports up-to-date
* Sends roadmap letters, announcements of releases (beta, GA, patches),
* Schedules conference calls, trainings, consulting, weekend support
* Arranges any communications as needed, etcetera


* Competent in various windows and web tools
* Organized, communicative, well-organized, and helpful
* Creative, adaptable, and able to work independently
* Project management experience
* Sound PC skills and willingness to learn programs as needed
* Ability to research solutions, and complete projects promptly
* Ability to communicate clearly and concisely, orally and in writing
* Enthusiasm for providing world-class technical support

*_Nice to Have: _*

* Experience with an html editor, MSWord, PowerPoint
Tags: work
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