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13 Days To Go

So if the repugnants are going to pull off a real October Surprise, it will have to be in the next, oh, week. Because any later than that will be worse than useless in terms of the polls. In fact, it's already useless if, like myself and Roni, you've already voted. I don't know how it may be in other necks of this here woods called the US of A, but California has this sweet option that allows you to PERMANENTLY request an absentee ballot -- which means, as long as your voter registration is current, you get the ballot automatically every year. If you have this option, for deity's sake, go for it -- imagine:
  • Not needing to figure out where your ^%$#$#%@!!! polling place is THIS year.
  • No lines.
  • No feeling rushed while you're in the booth. Sure, no one is coming up to tap you on the shoulder, but the eyes of those waiting in line feel heavy upon your back.
  • You vote weeks in advance, which makes all the last minute nastiness moot.
  • You won't have to deal with shady electronic voting machines.
Ah, it's a joyous thing. Now I can sit back and watch the continuing meltdown of the wingnut blogosphere as the dictator in chief actually stands up and lies to the entire country with a straight face.

Meanwhile, I'm being delighted by the new 2.0 version of FireFox -- especially the built in spell checker (FINALLY!!) and a lovely add-on called "Deepest Sender", which allows you to update your blog with a real journal entry editor that let's you be as fancy as you like it without knowing any HTML. I'm doing this post in it now, and so far, so good... I may have finally found a replacement for XJournal, which, while a fine editor, doesn't do half of what this little plug-in does. There's even a great add-on called "FoxyTunes" that let's you control your music with a set of controls along the bottom of the browser.

Last weekend was TOTALLY jammed, especially Saturday -- Roni, penguin_goddess and I went to see the 3D version of "Nightmare Before Christmas" in Dublin (one of the few places showing it -- sold out, of course, which is why I buy tickets early). Note to producers: Don't use a "pseudo" 3D special effect for the movie after showing us REAL 3D for the introduction -- it only shows up the shortcomings of what is otherwise a remarkable technology.

I practically cheered with delight at the short feature -- Pixar re-rendered Knick Knack in 3D! And yes, it's still funny as hell.

In one of those moments of insanity we decided to actually do a double feature -- about an hour after "Nightmare" we saw "The Prestige". And no, I'm not saying a word -- just go see it. Good movie, mind-fuck ending, and you can play "Spot David Bowie" with your friends.  No fair googling the cast beforehand!*

To end the night we went to San Jose to do the ultra-touristy thing and visit The Winchester Mystery House for a flash-light tour.  After YEARS of going to movies at the Century "domes" (literally) right next door, I finally got to see part of what it looked like inside. It was a lot of fun, with the added bonus of more eye-candy for a red-blooded** fat admirer to look at while waiting for the tour to start. There was even this one cutie on the tour itself that kept bumping into Roni -- which means she was probably more interested in Roni, if anyone.

Meanwhile I continue to heal from my little "mishap". My main goal is to try to get my muscle tone in the left arm to build up, while trying to stop the incessant cramping of the right. I find it ironic that the arm that was actually broken in the fall, and immobile for over two weeks, is now giving me far less aggravation than the one that was "merely" dislocated. To be fair, the right arm is still taking up the slack for the left, but it's hard to cut it slack when it kicks into extreme knotting when doing the morning yawn and stretch. Fortunately it only took a few episodes where Roni was kneading it out as I grimaced and practiced breathing slow and deep before I got the hang of NOT stretching as part of a yawn.

Here's a moment of zen.

Anyway, I'm posting this so I can finish work and get out of here. Maybe now that I can post from FireFox without looking like I'm in LJ will make it a bit easier to post. Hey, if the boys in the cubes down from mine can spend an hour or so a day playing WoW, I think I can sneak in a blog post during my 15 minute morning breaks.

* I keep meaning to mention "The Departed", which I saw nearly 3 weeks ago now -- The Oscar buzz is well deserved, Marky Mark can actually ACT, and Jack... well, it's Fucking JACK. I think that man could make reading the congressional report a dirty, filthy, guilty pleasure. On your way out, you'll act accordingly.

** At least that's the color it was three weeks ago!
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