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Is That A Poll Up Your Ass, or Are You Just Un-Happy To See Me?

I can't believe it's FINALLY election day in the US. All signs point to such a bad beating of the Repuke's that even the severely right-wing mouth-pieces are trying to raise the bar of what defines success to the democrats. That bitch Ann Coulter has actually said that the dems will have "lost" if they get less than 70 seats over the republicans.


Of course, these are the same morons that actually called Bush's limp "win" over Kerry by 1.5% in '04 a "mandate" and a "landslide". Classic newspeak -- if the word doesn't fit, redefine the word.

I've been so tense about this day for weeks now: The "October Surprise" failed to materialize thanks more to the fact that the republican'ts are their own worst enemies -- even the rather oddly timed Saddam verdict didn't quite have the splash that I think Rove thought it would. After all, he was convicted of crimes that we, as a country, ENABLED him to commit. Where do you think he got his weaponry and chemicals from? Iran?

But enough about that. There's literally nothing that will make any difference until the polls close on the east coast, and it'll be a lot later before we have a clear idea of which way the wave washes -- or if the White House is better at building levees for political storm surges then the real thing.

Just do me one favor -- no matter what, if you live in this country,


If it's too hard, then get yourself a permanent absentee ballot in the future. Better yet, hound your congress critters both state and federal to support "Vote by Mail" elections -- like they've been doing in Oregon. It's tough to intimidate voters when all they have to do is fill out a form and drop it into the mailbox. No lines, no obnoxious challenges from obstructionist poll sitters, and you can take WEEKS to vote. Just think -- election day would be about announcing the winners, not running around like loons trying to get people to the polls.

At least I finally have some Halloween pics -- only myself, I'm afraid. I'll try to get Roni up tonight, because her costume ROCKED.

Maybe it's a Super Dave Thing   Fun With Latex and Fake Blood! 

Yes, That's a Skeleton with a Sombrero. Don't Ask. 

The weekend was incredible -- lunar_phoenix  spent the night Friday, which was a nice change. Saturday Roni and I caught "Flushed-Away", which was fun and mindless. Sunday we got to watch the 'Niner's beat the Vikings (sorry, penguin_goddess !).

Now I just have to survive until I get on a plane Thursday for Phoenix. At least it will be post election!
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