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Sleep to Dream

I'm almost afraid to go to sleep.

Afraid that I'll wake up to discover that the dems didn't tie the senate, win the house, and generally wipe the self-entitled little smirks off of Rove, Cheney and the Shrubs spooge covered faces. Sorry boys, didn't mean to rain on your bukkake-fest.

I can't wait to hear Tony Snow try to call this anything but what it is -- a stinging repudiation of Bush the Lesser and the religious nut-jobs using him as their personal meat puppet.

Went to see a screening of a Kinsey Sicks movie at the Parkway. "Winni" was there (though I didn't recognize her without his makeup and big hair) with Roni and Kim. It was really well done -- they mentioned that there was some interest from cable to air it. I suspect IFC, or the Gay Channel (a.k.a. Bravo).

It was strangely appropriate to watch the show written in direct response to the peak of the republican power surge even as the tide turned the screws out. Now I'm just tired... and thinking about how, as much fun as the next "Snow Job" will be, how much more enjoyable it will be to watch the emasculation of W.

Wait, that's not fair -- you can't emasculate someone who ceased being human, much less a man, decades ago.

Dumb fucker.
Tags: instant_karma
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