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And The Winner Is...

Sen House Gov
Dems: 51 234 28
Reps: 49 201 22
D+/-: +6 +29 +6

Just... wow.

Remember in my previous post I was happy for the tie, and expected it to dissolve like so many fading rushes, flickers from a dream so sweet and real that reality seems a foul-mouthed shock jock in comparison. And certainly enough, it WASN'T a tie.

The dems managed the impossible and won the senate. And suddenly all the talk is of the democrats plans -- you know, the ones that the republican (and the main stream media drones sucking at their multidinous teats) claimed they didn't have. Oh, and then the cherries on top: Rumsfield resigning. Bush admitting he LIED to the press when he said Rummy-boy ("Heckuva job!") would remain with him until the end of his presidency.* And then Rush Limpdick himself admits he's been putting us all on for... well, we're not sure how long. But today he admitted that the republican party was pissing HIM off, but he didn't want to rock the boat before the elections.

I haven't heard the reaction from that bitch** Coulter, but I suspect she didn't get the memo.

So many of us have been wandering around the office with these dazed, happy expressions on our faces. Of course, the real work begins now -- 2008 is only two years away, after all. Oh, and remember that Abramoff is still spilling his guts at the FBI even as we speak -- that's where those state pickups come in handy. Somebody has to appoint people to fill seats vacated by arrested repugnants, dragged kicking and screaming into a surprise forced appointment. Better hope they don't find out about those swiss and cayman island bank accounts, people!

By the way, I feel the same way about any DEMOCRAT busted the same way.

The state sweeps were a surprise. Kinda forgot about the state races, to be honest -- I was already hyper-focussed on the federal races to the point I can name or recognize the candidates for nearly 30 states. This in a world where so many people can't even be bothered to find out who their own candidates are, or what they're about. No wonder my eyes are tired.

So now a new countdown begins -- two months until the transition begins. Let's see what the Repugs try to push through ere we get there. And Senator-elect Tester? Please follow through with your comment (from one of the Montana debates, I believe), wherein you were attacked for wanting to "weaken" the Fascist Patriot Act:

"I don't want to weaken the Patriot Act... I want to repeal it."
'Nuff said.

*It's interesting to note that he also indicated Cheney would be along for the ride in the same press conference -- makes one hopeful, you know?

** You can guess which word I REALLY used here. As they say at Rocky Horror, "What the fuck is an Undt?"

*** DailyKos, of all places, had the video to this posted today. Can you believe I hadn't seen it until today?
Tags: instant_karma, mediavictim, political, rant
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