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A Crocker of Shit

Okay, this is REALLY starting to piss me off.

As the Shrub goes deeper and deeper into denial* I have to wonder about this news story and its BLATANT implications. I mean, until I saw this on the DailyKos I had no clue it was happening, and I am an unrepentant news junkie. Hell, I know people who get more news from ME than anything else they lis -- file that under "scary, but true".

The implications? Well, the complete confirmation that the so-called "War on Terra" (all puns intended) are nothing more than an excuse to prevent American's from traveling abroad (and nothing corrects the misapprehension that the US media is fair and balanced faster than seeing how it is in other countries first hand!) and to bludgeon habeas corpus and The Constitution** into something that allows the US to become a corporate run theocracy. After all, this case implicates a white, domestically grown, right-wing conservative who wanted to gas blacks. Like this administration wants to admit it did something to protect it's citizenry from Bush and Company's base support group.

In just a few weeks it starts to get REALLY interesting. Just wait until the White-wash House tries to ignore these pesky investigations and congress-critters demanding an equal say in how this country is run -- you know, like it says in the Constitution**.

Goddess, I really hope this isn't something that we have to go through every 30 odd years -- I don't think I could stand it if this shit happened again in my 70's.

* Can someone tell me how Tony Snow can look even the stupidest american in the eye and say that Colin Powell did NOT say we were losing the war in Iraq, nor did he come out against the "surge" of troops that our entire joint chiefs of staff have come out against? I mean, has that fool forgotten that YouTube exists to make him an even bigger liar than he already is? Or is this a case where Bush decided he needed to pull a "snow job" on the US population, and went all literal on us?

** AKA "That damned piece of paper!" as per the decider in chief himself.

*** Totally random iTunes selection. I swear. :-P

Tags: political, rant
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