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Shaking it Off

[Edit: This was actually written over the course of yesterday, but I neglected to press the "post" button. D'oh!]

It's always weird these first two weeks in January. While in many ways this was the least drama filled holiday season ever (yes, EVER), it's still a hard stretch. Fortunately the people I love and care about* helped me through, along with copious amounts of self-medication.

So it always seemed more than a little unfair that MacWorld SF is scheduled to coincide with this veritable emotional phantom zone err my normal happy insanity re-asserts itself. Fortunately, the 'Net renders even the relatively short submarine BART ride to Moscone to genuflect before the great bitten fruit god completely moot.

I mean, it's not like they were letting anyone TOUCH the iPhone. I'm not David Pogue. Hell, I'm not even "Digital Guy" anymore. And the thrill of fighting throngs clustered around bulletproof popemobile-like glass boxes performing their version of the Ape scene from "2001" sort of lost it's luster after I turned 35 or thereabouts. If I'm going to be that close to the unwashed masses, I want to be naked and covered in lube.

Oh, and I want the right to pick who gets to be in the mob -- not really an option when they sell passes to the general public for less than the cost of a used Shuffle iPod -- 512Mb model, even.

Oh, and now it can be told -- we got hit with a rent increase on November 30th. That's right, merry fucking Kwaanza (and the horse you rode in on!), here's a 10% increase. Not surprisingly, one tenant** has already bailed (he and his girl have been swapping weekends at each other's places for quite some time, so I imagine the choice wasn't hard at all) -- the apartment was posted on Craig's List a few days ago.  It is readily apparent that our land-critters are in deep excrement, as they're asking... well, here's the actual text from the ad:

$1475 / 1br - Beautiful, large, dramatic, flat in historic Alameda estate home (alameda)

This quiet main floor unit is available the first week of February. High ceilings, hardwood floors, carved wood ceilings, leaded and stained glass, new shades, fireplace (decorative only), with an additional private entrance on Santa Clara. This flat is unique, gorgeous, and filled with character, and is just the ticket for the discriminating renter who appreciates high quality and architectural details.

This is a wonderful, unique space, in a beautiful old estate home in Alameda, just blocks away from the beach, and within walking distance of the local Park Street shopping and dining district. Water, gas, heat, and garbage/recycling are included. Easy on-street parking. As an added bonus, there is free onsite laundry, a seperate large storage room available, and a shared garden.

For more photos, please visit Pictures.

Get it while it lasts…

Please call Jennifer at 510.337.9678 or 415.609.1070.
This is a non-smoking property. Sorry no Pets.
Now, let's be clear -- this is an amazing house. But this is a TINY 1 bedroom. Currently there is only one other > 1400 dollar rental with one rental (I don't include houses) in Alameda, and that's in a high rise... and going for 30 bucks less. But the REAL bitch is seeing rents for 3 bedroom dwellings... actual HOUSES, with a dishwasher, garage, a yard... hell, a PORCH... running several hundred dollars less then we were paying BEFORE the increase.

So, with a heavy heart it looks like we will be bidding "Adieu, Chez Watt".  We will be staying in Alameda, as I've become addicted to the < 5 minute commute. Short commutes have overtaken my life and made it entirely too manageable -- they are as unto crack.

'Nuff said

* And who aren't permanently pissed off at me and refusing to communicate with me -- note that doesn't just mean they aren't SPEAKING to me, simply that they aren't communicating for whatever reasons they have. Hey, that's cool -- just because they have their issues doesn't mean I don't still love them. I may be perpetually aggravated at the awkward position they put me and others, mutual and otherwise, but I can't stop caring at some level. It's a blessing... and a curse.

** Initially we were paranoid that somehow they wanted these freaks on the top floor flat to get the hell out. The real reason is probably far more mundane -- can you say adjustable rate interest only mortgage? I knew you could...
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