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Would YOU Want To Work With THIS Man?!

You know it had to happen -- a new opening in the best support organization in the world. No, that's not a snark -- it's the honest truth as I see it. If you'd like to a) work for Perforce, b) live near Alameda, CA (or will), and c) think that working with Yo is a cool idea, send me your resume.

Senior Technical Support Engineer - Alameda, CA

As a senior member of our technical support team, this position is responsible for testing, supporting, and helping to develop products for the SCM market. We are looking for people who know version control and release management, various hardware and software platforms, and relational databases. Candidates must have penchant for problem determination and resolution, an enthusiasm for providing world-class support to a variety of customers (ranging from open source to large corporate sites), and have excellent communication skills.


  • Software development experience
  • Knowledge of hardware and operating system internals, memory management, networking, and other performance-related aspects of computers
  • Expertise in Unix/Linux/BSD
  • Knowledge and hands-on experience with Perl, Python, Ruby or other scripting languages
  • Knowledge of SCM best practices


Support our Customers and Prospects:
  • Provide technical support and training to customers and prospects
  • Independently research solutions, troubleshoot and resolve complex problems
  • Reproduce customer problems, debug, document, develop products or tools
  • Specialize and develop expertise in one or more technical areas
  • Mentor other engineers
  • Contribute to the Knowledge Base and the Frequently Asked Questions list
  • Visit customer sites and represent Perforce at demos and trade shows
Participate in Product Development:
  • Review technical documentation and procedures.
  • Fix bugs, implement enhancements, and work on new features with other developers
  • Actively participate in group projects


  • BA/BS degree or 10+ years of software development and/or technical support experience
  • Knowledge of client/server applications, multiple operating systems (Mac, Linux, FreeBSD), networking, and basic relational database concepts
  • Experience with software development environments and life-cycles
  • Knowledge and hands on experience with C++
  • Ability to troubleshoot problems, research solutions, and complete calls and projects independently
  • Ability to communicate clearly and concisely, orally and in writing
  • Talent for solving problems and enthusiasm for providing world-class support to our customers
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