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Trip Tripping (or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Hate Black Ice)

Okay, so this was going to wait, but apparently the questions have begun to fly.

It's not that big a deal, really -- certainly nothing like my mishap last September when I took myself out. Hard.

This was equally stupid, but less damaging. After a wonderful weekend in Northstar, including my very first snowmobile driving experience (sweet!), we were leaving to head back to the bay area. There are these shuttles to bring you back to the main village from outlying housing. As I stepped off the shuttle, my foot buckled, which dropped me like a sack of flour.

Let me clarify here... the fall did zero damage. My ankle going "pop!" is why I fell.

Within minutes there were paramedics, and an ambulance that I practically had to get nasty about refusing (after the initial pain faded, I knew it wasn't broken, just really badly sprained). After signing an "Against Medical Advice" form and promising to have it looked at as soon as possible, I took the bus down with the rest of the crew, got a cab to an orgent care facility in Truckee, wherein it was discovered that I had...

...a really bad sprain. X-rays were taken, no break was there. The Dr. even spotted the old injury from the LAST time I was on crutches, about 23 years ago, in Ossinging NY -- I'm pretty certain that I've told that story here before. If not, I'll bore everyone with it again sometime soon.

So, I got crutches, a gel splint, and a scrip for Percoset that I still haven't gotten filled quite yet -- I still had some stashed from my LAST run in with the ground. Some pain killer abuser I turned out to be.

Once that initial fog of pain (in which I confused the hell out of a lot of people by laughing hysterically -- I mean, it was just so DUMB) had lifted, my first thought was "Aw SHIT -- we still have to pack to move!" Fortunately y'all are incredibly wonderful friends, because I've already had two people pretty much TELL me they were helping Roni out. I'm hoping that I'll be back in play in two weeks, which will let me do the last bits of heavy lifting and clean-up.

As it was poor Roni had to clean the house last night for the aforementioned viewing today at noon. Apparently telling someone you're proud of them makes them cry, which was not my intention, damn it all.

Anyway, more later. Yes, there's LOT'S more. A lot can happen in two weeks in almost anyone's life, much less the Chinese curse mine has been prone to since birth.
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