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A Room With No Windows

Look, even if the rest of this article is clicks and buzzes, trust me: If you're using XP, do NOT upgrade to Vista. This is so important that I moved this paragraph from tenth to first. Yes, I am completely serious -- don't buy this OS. It's only "more secure" because it is itself one huge virus waiting to infect your PC... and it can never be removed, at least not without painful surgery.

Okay, so it just so happens that this is my 20th year using Macs. It is also my 26th year using PC, and my 28th using computers of any type.

I mention the latter because I, without question, really don't have the platform fanaticism that is associated with Mac users, who are often referred to as "cultists". My main criteria for ANY platform is that it work as expected, or at least makes it easy to figure out how it's supposed to work.

When I think about Windows "Vista", my first thoughts are mostly incredulity that it took over 5 years and countless millions... some say 100's of millions... of R&D went into a product that was gutted of most of the really interesting features slated to be a part of the product when it was originally announced under it's code name, "Longhorn".

The result? An OS the runs slower than XP, is seriously crippled by copy protection measures that treat every one of us with a total lack of respect -- after all, the assumption is that we're all guilty of piracy right out of the box -- and a curious fact that every person should know before they upgrade:

The second you do, you can't go back.


Say you decide it's not working out -- the lack of drivers, or your software app of choice doesn't work. Just re-install XP, right?

Nope. Installing Vista invalidates your XP key.

That's right, you may think you have a valid copy of XP and a key to work with it, but installing Vista apparently makes that money you spent on that software meaningless... except, of course, to Bill Gates.

So don't do it. And stop others from making the same mistake. And pray for the poor bastards forced to contend with this binary monstrosity on every new PC they purchase from here on out.
Tags: geeky, rant
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