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Insert Ironic Jocular Comment Here

I want to begin by thanking everyone who commented, e-mailed, called, and otherwise let us know we were in their thoughts (especially you, E... I didn't know you were still reading). It helps, it really does.

It's funny how, regardless of how horrific or distressing the news one receives, that there's always that stray "inappropriate" thought. Mine was "damn it, I *love* the number 13" (she died at sunset yesterday, 2/13). Most people would think that I would have bemoaned the fact that she died the day before my birthday -- since my grandfather died on my 27th birthday (saturn return is in your soul/stealing your days) I think I've already maxed out my bad association quotient on an already emotionally loaded natal day.

Well, at least I'm at piece with the hearts. It helps to joke that their the reason I'm such an "ass" man, such as it is.

The good news is that I already wanted to keep this day low-key: A nice dinner with Roni, plus a nice hot soak for an hour or so. The latter is more to help the creakiness in my rapidly healing ankle (off crutches, and the swelling has improved ten-fold over the last few days...not bad for two weeks), not to mention clear out the last of the cold crud.

44. What a weird age. My mother is stunned that I'm 44. Of course, she's about to turn 62 herself, which only shocks me when I realize that, if she makes it to Grandma's 85, I will be... well, retired.

25 years. Of course, there are no guarantees (an other clichés), especially with my life.

(Warning: Introspection Alert!)

Know what? When I really think about it, I not only can't complain, I should out and out brag about how things have gone. I've met a lot of great people, famous and not so much. I've gotten to work with a lot of them -- I'll always treasure the work I did with Big Burlesque and Heather, usually as a result of some tech not showing up. Even being drafted to work sound at the Benefat (which had the decided side benefit of being able to watch Max Airborne play guitar, and sighing inconsolably). I have an incredible job, amazing relationships, and a healthier attitude about my prospects for improving myself.

Nope, it doesn't suck.

Now I just have to decide what I need to do next.


Okay, I need to get back to work. Hopefully I'll see you at Pantheacon, otherwise I'll see you in the tubes!
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