Yohannon (yohannon) wrote,

Why The Hell Not?

So I've been following the brouhaha (a fitting term for it, don't you think?) over the now (and well-deservedly) defunct FAUOX news democratic debate. A letter was written by the man running the Edwards campaign that was delightfully clear, succinct, firm, and frank in that way that makes your spirit sing out "YES! It's about fucking time!" In it he shows a great deal of honor by coming to Obama's defense regarding the tacky jokes the Fox News head spewed. Some moron named Aisles -- couldn't resist making cracks comparing Barack to a terrorist, among other things. Remember, people were going mental over the debates over the way the channel was treating the democrats.  Hello, low profile? Heard of it?

This makes it official -- that network is officially the All Rush Limbaugh channel, 24 hours a day of bizarre neo-con drivel so detached from reality you must be lobotomized prior to working there.

But I digress.

It was that nice touch of showing Obama some respect that made me think of this. Not that it has any possible chance of reaching the ears of someone who could make it happen, but it's intriguing anyway. I they did do something like this it would completely toast the republican's buns, and completely hack the political process in this country at a very fundamental level.

The competition is already heating up for the 2008 elections. The neo-con's (I've always loved how that abbreviation works on almost every level!) are collectively losing their minds, like a mad scientist who can't bring himself to believe that this thing that they themselves created, this magnificent abomination borne from the darkest of imaginings, could actually turn on them so! How dare they, after everything we've done for them!

They're tiger repellent salesmen in Kansas, and it's past time we started to treat them as such. It's with this in mind that Obama and Edwards, in a show of strength, pledge that if either of them were to get their party's nomination, that the other would be the running mate.

Think of the stir it would cause -- two people putting their ego's aside to form a stronger front, putting their party's principles... THEIR principles... before their personal desire for power, fame, or history. Each with a campaign staff ready for a national election, grassroots money at unprecedented level, and, most important of all, it will have nothing to do with Hillary Clinton.

I'm sorry, I really want to see a woman in the white house, if only to shut the mouth of morons who insist that it either won't happen, or that it would be disastrous, nay, downright apocalyptic if by some freak act of the unatural it DID. But Hillary is just not the one. Her support of the war, and her refusal to take responsibility for voting for it, will drag her down with the Shrub and the rest of his rat infested sinking ship. Suddenly that albatross called Bill seems almost cute in his pudgy, viagra-esque way.

I couldn't think of another candidate that could click with her like I feel Obama and John would with each other. There's something there with them both that makes me think that, regardless of what they specifically believe, they could challenge each other honorably and back each other up when it really counted. It seems sad that, when you really think about it, that's what we really want: People who can truly listen to the other side and try and make it work with what they want themselves.

They would be fund-raising gods. Hollywood will love them, but they're real enough to connect to middle america. They can form complete sentences without the assistance of radio ear-pieces and cue cards using phonetic spelling.

If this does somehow go viral enough to make it to those "right" ears, all I ask is for a shout-out from the convention floor. You know, when y'all are arm in arm, your free arms out stretched doing that "V" thing. Confetti everywhere. You're grinning so hard it HURTS.

Just say "Hey!" to Yohannon, and I'll consider it even.
Tags: political, rant
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