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It's Wednesday, It Must Be The Mind of Yohannon

Frustration is suddenly finding the ability to string words together in clever little bundles of literary joy returned to me, only to not have the actual TIME to write. At least it's come in handy in face to face conversations.

As it stands I *still* don't have the spare cycles -- even this is cutting into at least three major projects at work heading for one of those chronological alignments that try the souls of patient men. But there was something strangely reassuring about this article detailing one of the biggest flip-flops I've ever seen -- and no, I'm not talking about Romney's desperate attempt to pretend he was never pro-choice, nor did he ever suggest that he wouldn't oppose gay marriage. Confused? Well, he's hoping the neo-con wingnuts he's trying to pander to are.

What really caught my eye was this fun quote:
"The four-term former Republican congressman will also work to unplug a youth anti-drug campaign which a recent study showed actually increased the likelihood that all teens would smoke pot."
For years I've told anyone willing to listen to me rant about it that the "anti-drug" advertising was probably doing more to increase drug usage than peer pressure ever could. The recent string of ads is incomprehensible -- they're the bizarrely little line animations on a yellow background that looks like a right handed 8 year old drew with their left hand, often involving some really CLEVER captions with a completely forgettable musical soundtrack and no other sound effects or dialog -- like:
(Guy reclining and smoking one of the worst rolled joints EVAH!)

"I feel bad about smoking pot."

(a little puppy appears)

"But maybe if you smoked it with me I would feel less bad..."

(offers the joint to the puppy, who walks away)

"Wait! Come back! I need you!"

(puppy wanders off to raise a flag with his own image in a weird idea of self realization -- apparently they haven't heard the pope's recent diatribe against "dangerous individualism" and the resulting decline in potential dates for the clergy birth rate.)
The first time I saw one of these ads Roni and I both marvelled at how hopeless it was that those morons would ever get half a clue. Every new ad campaign starts with the same damn press conference about how THIS campaign is different from the last one. Or the one before that. Or... well, all of them since this whole completely useless drug war started.

It's just weird having someone who has essentially dedicated his life to telling me that I'm wrong suddenly backing me up. Sort of like reading Robert Novack, one of the more virulent neo-con voices, call The Shrub "isolated and out of touch". Now all we need is Karl Rove and Lieberman to be found having anal sex in a white house broom closet to make this a perfect scandal tornado, and my  political entertainment will be complete.
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