Yohannon (yohannon) wrote,

If Only Validation Like This Happened Every Day...

For the last 22 years I've been saying exactly the same thing, and for exactly the same reasons:
Scientists Say Dieting Does Not Work
As crazed as I was today, when this tidbit floated by I just about lost my jaw as it bounced on the floor.

I remember one exchange in particular, back in my early days on the net in alt.support.big-folks, where I was accused of trying to maintain a steady supply of lovers by encouraging people not to diet. I kept saying that if that were the case, I would insist that EVERYONE diet. That was 1994. I'm going to have to try and find that thread in Google groups, if only to indulge in that lovely feeling that comes from being clearly and concisely backed up by science... at last.

Of course, now my fear is that doctors will use this as an excuse to push Weight Loss Surgery or heavy duty pharmaceuticals to "do the job".

Tags: personal, rant
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