Yohannon (yohannon) wrote,

A Little Ebb To the Flow

Wow... two and a half weeks. No wonder I've gotten a  few concerned e-mails and IM's about my health and well-being, or lack thereof.

Yes, I'm "okay". No repeat of last September's abrupt "Face, pavement. Pavement, this is face." In fact, things have been great -- however, things going well sometimes has it's own stresses, combined with a sudden lack of time.

I knew that this month would be a "perfect storm" of events at work. We're entering a new beta cycle for our products, simultaneously planning for the NEXT round, preparing for the User Conference in Vegas May 9 through 11, performing training on the product I'm responsible for, and...

Let's just say that every available minute is already crammed. Which makes my involvement on another project on a volunteer basis all the more insane. There already weren't enough moments in the day as it were, I had to jump on board of something else?!

I have two more weeks before I'm "clear" of the concentrated insanity that is April/May. Then I hope to be back in full swing.

Even this post will be fairly light on content -- I just needed to say SOMETHING before people set up search parties, and before I began catching up on the LJ backlog of friend's entries.

Oh, and thank you. It's nice to know people care.

What's really aggravating is that I have TONS to kvetch about politically as well. There's so many bizarre twists and turns as Bush burns out, pouting and throwing tantrums at the sudden (for him) idea that it's three CO-EQUAL branches of government in the US of A, and that he's NOT the decider.

We are.

But I digress.
Tags: personal, work
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