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Okay, Managed to Mostly Catch Up....

There are things about LiveJournal that have always baffled me. Like the 150 item limit for interests. Or, even more puzzling, how your friends page can only be back tracked about 360 entries before it stops.

As far as I know there's no technical reason for either of these limitations. Okay, so if you multiplied every interest over 150 by 10 million users, you would be looking at a lot more storage space to hold it all, but limiting the back tracking through pages which are dynamically created with each request doesn't seem to buy you very much in terms of resource savings.

As always when I look back over a period of time, I'm startled by everything that happened in what wasn't that long a stretch of history. For example:

  • The Imus controversy: Yes, he had a right to say it. I'm incredibly annoyed at people who attempt to stifle that perspective by DARING to suggest that I'm "defending racism" -- I personally think racism is a waste of emotional effort and energy. What I AM defending is the right of every person (in this country, at least!) to be able to say what they want to say, no matter how stupid it is. Suppressing speech, even speech we think is "hateful", is the fastest way to drive it underground, where it festers, grows... and eventually blows up in our faces.

    Take everyone's favorite inbreeding-gone-wrong examples of humanity, holocaust deniers. Despite the fact that the Nazi's documented everything THEMSELVES, and all of that footage when the allies liberated the camps, there exists a group of people who refuse to believe it happened. Outlawing the denial of the holocaust is NOT the answer, however -- now these people say one thing in public, and start up their private little cells, their black and red web sites espousing hatred and sowing the seeds of destruction.

    Free speech has built in protections: Public humiliation and ridicule. Of course, the fact that they went after Imus, and not, say, Limbaugh, Coulter, O'Reilly, or any number of neo-con clowns is very telling.

  • Virginia Tech: Ooo, a two parter:

    • The Actual Event: When Reagan was in the House, one of his crowning achievements was cutting mental health support and unleashing tens of thousands of mental patients onto the streets, making the already horrible homeless problem even worse, and setting up a system that would result in many people who needed the help the most never being able to get it. You think health care is screwy in this country? What's truly insane (all puns intended) is that mental health is considered an other subject entirely, when it's become obvious that biological reasons are at the heart of the most severe mental illnesses.

      That this bastard was sick is not disputable at this point. It wasn't a secret he was completely unhinged, and yet he was able to attend a school, purchase guns, and commit mass murder. No, I don't think he should have been prevented from buying guns -- this is, regardless of how people try to politicize it on either side, NOT a gun control issue, it was a PERSON control issue. In other words, if he had been getting the treatment he needed, the gun purchase would not have come up, as he would have either been confined or medicated.

      A side issue is the morons who thought that it was incredible that no one tried to stop him whilst the event was occurring. As it turned out, people had -- including, ironically enough, a holocaust survivor, who saved his students and lost his own life in the process.

      As horrific as it all was, I couldn't help but wonder at a nations fixation on a lone maniac killing 32, wounding a few dozen, when that would be considered a good day in Iraq. Which brings us to...

    • The Tape: What the fuck is everyone kvetching about?! SO the maniac made a little video manifesto that more than amply demonstrated he was a whack job. If you didn't want to see it, don't watch it.

  • Alberto Gonzales and the Firings: If there was anything that pushed me into the "Bush is Incompetent" camp (as opposed to merely evil), it's been this morass of stupidity. I mean, it almost ALL happened AFTER the election, when they KNEW the democrats would be chomping at the bit...

    Unless one wants to put their tin-foil hat on to declare that this is a clever ploy to distract people from the other failings and possible avenues of investigation. Except it's a failure in that regard as well.
And those are just the major news event -- there were literally countless tragedies, triumphs, and life changes of a personal nature dotting the friend's blog landscape like little emotional craters on some distant moon.

And then there's everything going on in MY life.

It's been nearly six years now since I began blogging. When it started, it was fairly easy -- but I may have reached a point where blogging has become too much of a mine-field, where I run the risk of causing some sort of emotional flare-up or other annoyance that I'll have to show contrition for, even if all I do is discuss myself 100% of the time.

As I discover I want to write more, the more I discover that there's a reason why a lot of writers come across as assholes -- you really need to distance yourself from people and life to write about it, and that isn't what I want now.

I don't know yet how I'm going to reconcile that... but I will.
Tags: personal, political, rant
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