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Because No One Dotes on Uncles...

Okay, now that's off my chest, here's an antidote for my rather surly previous posting:

Check out "Templar, Arizona" A twisted alternate reality slice of life comic that's NSFW and has a cute chubby major character and a bizarre take on popular culture (and just how whacked it could be).

Also, a comic that I caught on to WAY too late in its (dare not use "it's" instead of "its" lest you incur the grammatically correct wrath of ANTONIO SMITH, FORENSIC LINGUIST!) run is "Narbonic". I admit I'm actually enjoying "Narbonic: The Director's Cut". Essentially it's a complete set of re-runs of the original 5 year series with a DVD commentary that actually adds to the original story line. It also has a cute chubby character that sorta kinda attracted me to the strip, but despite the artists protestations it was the wildly bizarre mad-science based storylines that kept me reading. The eye candy was gravy.

(Gravy flavored candy? Ewww... now THAT'S evil!)

Bear with the art, it get's better. And I have to ponder the inscrutable philosophical question: Who would win in a head to head battle, Mel, or "Hothead Paisan, Homicidal Lesbian Terrorist"?

Okay, the idea was to talk about cheerful, funny web-comics. Looking at this list, I've managed to pick three examples of anarchy and mayhem both justified and not. What the HELL is going on in my sub-conscious these days?

(And why isn't "Paisan" in the FireFox spell check dictionary? I mean, if not for the Godfather movies, what about The Sopranos?)
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