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Take Two...

Maybe it was a sign from the universe NOT to be so damn verbose. I suppose I should try for more shorter entries...or at least break them down thematically. Or something.


Highlights of the last two weeks: Catching Spiderman, Star Wars: Attack of the Clones, and Insomnia (all quite good, though I have to say I had the most FUN at Spiderman...no, this geek boy didn't identify with Peter Parker at all. Uh-uh.)

Last Saturday it was my extreme pleasure to photograph kshandra for my website. It went very well...many thanks to her OSO for the use of his condo for the shoot! Once she recovers from BayCon I'm going to have to set up for another shoot.

Sunday I got to spend some more time with Karin and Linda, which was tempered by the fact that Karin was obviously not feeling well. It turned out to be a bad case of strep throat (ack!) which, thus far, I have NOT contracted. A major relief, as I still remember the last time I had it...over 20 years ago. She's already doing much better.

Wednesday, after a wonderful lunch with Toria, I happened to pop in to Fry's to pick up some batteries. Walking down the aisles I spotted a lovely red head from behind. It wasn't until I almost walked by her that I realized it was a former lover, Cameron.

(That's one of those LONG stories. I'll tell it another time!)

She kidnaps me to go get lunch (I wound up forgetting the batteries, damn it), tells me about all the job interviews she's been on, and the offer she just got...only three weeks after being laid off.

She asks me how long it's been for me, and I say "April 2nd". She says, "Oh, that's not so bad..." to which I finish "2001."

The upshot is I discovered that resume writing technique has changed yet again. Since you can't argue with success, Cameron is going to work her magic on mine. Certainly can't hurt at this point.

Since I DON'T want to lose this again, I'm saving it before going into this weekend. (crosses fingers!)
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