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That Alarm Clock Radio Karma

One fun thing about this wonderful Bose alarm clock radio is that it fades in... none of the classic abrupt "blare" of music that can send you scrambling through a gordinian  knot of intertwined sheets and limbs for the "snooze" button. I *really* like this feature.

As a result there have been some interesting mixes. For example, Thursday morning I was delighted to awake to the sound of "Teenage Wasteland" by The Who, the fade-in coincidentally timed to match the classic synth opening. It's nice to find yourself thinking "niiiiice" as you wake up to it.

Friday morning it did the same thing with "Magic Carpet Ride". STILL one of the finest examples of a properly overdriven guitar pushed right to the edge of white noise.*

This morning it topped them all -- "Home (Naive Melody)" by the Talking Heads, easily one of my all time favorites. Considering how home sick I am at the moment, I was in tears before I was fully cognizant even of my location and self.

Props to 96.3 KKLZ. Okay, so they play more Styx then any station I've listened to in two decades, but I can deal, especially since that includes "Lady", a song whose lyrics sound almost like a prayer to the goddess.

The conference ended yesterday at 2PM with the farewell luncheon. There's a LOT to tell, but I have 40 minutes until check-out, and I have to figure out what to do with myself for the approximately 4 hours until I can check in at the Embassy Suites across the streets. I'll let y'all know the sordid details then, I promise.

* If your radio station only plays the single version, change stations or turn the radio off.

** Check it out:
Lady, when you're with me I'm smiling
Give me all your love
Your hands build me up when I'm sinking
Touch me and my troubles all fade
Lady, from the moment I saw you
Standing all alone
You gave all the love that I needed
So shy, like a child who has grown

'Cause you're my lady of the morning
Love shines in your eyes
Sparkling, clear, and lovely
You're my lady

Lady, turns me on when I'm lonely
Give me all your charm
Evenings when she lays down beside me
She takes me gently into her arms

Lady of the morning
Love shines in your eyes
Sparkling, clear, and lovely
You're my lady
Lady of the morning
Love shines in your eyes
Sparkling, clear, and lovely
You're my ... lady
Some might interpret the "So Shy..." line as referring to the Lady... however, I always heard it as it being HIS shyness in the face of her beauty and glory. But that, as they say, is only one interpretation...
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