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So Much For Things Quieting Down Somewhat...

When we last left our anti-hero, he was confident that the user conference was the tail end of an intensely busy period.

HA! He says, sardonically.

Fact is, it wasn't until my friend Dawn down in southern CA sent me a frantic note that I realized that a full MONTH had passed. I honestly thought I had posted something last week, but I suspect that if I look at my work machine it's been saved locally. I'll probably post that tomorrow, just to muddle things even more. That's probably the one with all the news from Arizona re: dcatt  and Lilly.

In brief, I'm alive, well, and busy as a beaver eating bacon. I suspect I'm going through one of those fallow periods where writing is not the first thing I want to do when I get home.

I'm sorry I worried anyone -- at least now I know why my last "post" didn't get any comments.

So, to sum up:
  • Lilly and Catt fine.
  • Roni and myself are both fine.
  • Work is great.
  • Ocean's 13 is a guilty pleasure, but you already knew that.
The plan for this weekend is for lunar_phoenix  to come down for penguin_goddess's birthday, which includes a Great Mall of Milpitas Dave and Buster's run, followed shortly by an Outback steak dinner, and a dessert of various acts involving 2 to 4 people. And this is just Friday night...

Life IS just better for some people, if he would only learn to pull his* head from his butt and notice it.

* Yes, I was referring to myself. Though I can think of at least one or more it could equally apply to.
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