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What the hell happened to MAY?!

[Edited to Add: As I noted in my last entry I *thought* I had posted this last Tuesday, June 6. It turns out I had been interupted, saved it... and promptly forgotten it. I suspect there are dozens of those "half entries" littered about my drives (not including the posts I simply couldn't bring myself to actually publish, even privately). Ah well... here it is, completed for you blog reading pleasure!   ~Y~]

No... really.

Just got back from Arizona to see Lilly for her second birthday. Totally scored on the gift front -- Roni had spotted this cute Lilly sized patio set, so we had it shipped ahead. It landed on the Friday I was watching Lilly so Catt could have a belated Mother's day present, heading out to have her nails done with a her best bud.

She LOVED it. So much she insisted on eating dinner on that instead of the high chair.

Yes, there are pics. My mom was taking them this time, so as soon as she send them to me, I'll post them here.

Minor Digression: When did LJ increase my photo storage to 10 GIGABYTES? I was totally not expecting that. I mean, I think if I posted every digital phot I ever took I *might* fill that, especially if I cut them down to web sized chunks. Hell, that's large enough for VIDEO, and blows away my web-sites 100 Mb limit.

Anyway, Arizona did it's life sucking thing on me -- 105 degrees, 5% humidity... you gotta love it when weather.com says the temps are 105, but it FEELS like 96. Wow, that's SO much cooler.

Roni spent the time with her friend Leslie, where she discovered the Nintendo Wii. We have to get one of those now -- to understand the enormity of this, consider that the last time I purchased a game console of ANY kind, it was on sale from Service Merchandise (remember those? The CostCo/Amazon of their time)... in 1977.

It tends to baffle people when they meet a geek NOT into playing computer games. The thing is, there was a time when consoles were easy and fun to play. At some point they got too damn complicated -- I know I was playing friends consoles well into college, including Atari's, and still having a good time. As recently as 1989 I had a decided "Crystal Quest" addiction on the net. The first networked game I played was "Marathon" (think "car wars" for the Mac) in 1993, but it was pretty much the last as well.

So for years it was either the built in stuff (minefield, solitaire) or the occasional dabble into "modern" gaming. I gave HalfLife a try a couple of years ago, which people here may remember caused me to make myself sick, thanks the that temporal distortion that only not playing a game like that since 13 inch monitors were the norm can cause --  in other words, don't sit so close to a 32 inch LCD display when playing a first person shooter, or you'll want to barf. I actually completely gave up computer solitaire when I realized I had "won" over a million dollars and played something like 5000 games to do it. At the very least if I was going to have insomnia I wanted to be doing something INTERESTING with the time. Hell, even masturbating has more of a payoff.

I admit that I'm relieved to find myself fighting for the underdog with the better product -- Sony has been pissing me off for years with their declining quality and design. There was a time when I would trust a Sony sight unseen -- now they're forced to drop their blue-ray drive prices, thus being put into the bizarre position of starting a price war with itself (the major selling point behind the PS3 [and it's absurdly high pricing] was that it included a blue-ray drive).

So, Arizona went well, despite the unexpected surprise that my mother, who had already stunned me by covering the weekend before and after Lilly's Wednesday b-day in Arizona, would also be staying IN Catt's apartment. As much of a libertine as I've become, I still can't quite make with the sexy noises with my mom in the next room, even if she sleeps as soundly as Lilly does.

Oh! A bizarre incident in the Oakland airport ere we left to Phoenix; Roni and I (thanks to absolutely NO wait in security, even though they "wiped down" my portable to confirm that I wasn't using it to transport anything that might, some day, be dangerous -- other than thoughts, of course) wound up with over two hours to kill. I set up the laptop so we could finally finish watching "Dexter", blocking the power adapter with two bags to keep people from knocking it off of the floor plug we had jacked into.

Despite that, a gaggle of young girls and their two older female guardians came tromping along, and one of the (10? 11) year old girls managed to step BETWEEN the bags and knock the brick out of the plug.

No harm and no foul -- I just  shook my head and plugged it back in.

Except not 10 minutes later (coincidentally enough time for Roni and I to get back into the groove of watching) the same young girl did the same thing AGAIN. Only this time she managed to crush the adapter.

She just stood there looking blankly at me for a moment, waiting for... what? I have no idea. Absolution perhaps. Maybe applause.

And went to pick up the pieces, and when I stood back up, she was gone. No apology, nothing.

I was sputtering like my poor power supply did briefly as it was unceremoniously from it's electric womb untimely ripped, when this older woman (about 30ish, I think) admitted that the child was the hellspawn of a friend of hers, and she would go speak with the woman to let her know what happened. True to her word, I watched her walk over to the other side of the terminal to a another older woman, easily pushing 40. I spotted to girl with them, and much hused conversation ensued.

I decided glaring wouldn't accomplish anything, so I waited.

And waited.

And Waited Some More™, damn it all.

After about 15 minutes (and about 15 before we were due to board) I came to the sinking realization that the guardian wasn't even going to TRY and talk with me. So, I decided to let my ADHD work for me for a change and walked over.

"Hey... I'm really sorry to bother you about this, but your little girl broke my power supply..." I should note, to her credit, she nodded and admitted doing exactly that; "...and I really need to know what..."

Her Old Lady interrupts me (I HATE being interrupted) and says "You should have been more careful with it..."

"And she should be more careful about where she's going." I admit, I was having a real problem with her attitude, so keeping my temper in check was becoming difficult.

"She's just a little girl..."

"Which is why there needs to be someone looking after her..."

She grabs her purse, muttering and tch-ing at me as if I was stealing money from her grocery fund, and pulls out a few bills, making a point of ruffling through all of the singles... "How much?" She practically SNARLED at me.

"It's about 35-40 dollars to replace..." I was deliberately low-balling how much it would cost, as I didn't think it was fair for her to pay for a NEW power supply to replace the old one -- I would eat the extra, I was thinking. For the record, it was about $86.00 at the Phoenix Apple store when Roni picked it up for me the next morning.

After a few more moments of dollar bill shuffling, she digs into ANOTHER pocket in her purse, and several crisp 20's appear. She pealed off two and practically threw the money at me, making noises about how she wouldn't do this if she weren't in a hurry, and so forth. Mind you, her friend looked mortified but (wisely) stayed out of it, and NO ONE had, even once, said "sorry".

I had HAD it with the passive aggressive attitude. "By the way, you should know that I would probably have let it slide if someone had actually bothered to walk over and apologize." I turned and walked away. She actually started to ARGUE with me, starting, "WELL! I think *you* should know..."

And turned back and let something... well, let's say I dropped a mask for about two seconds, and she immediately shut up. I HATE doing that. But I really didn't need to hear about how rude I was from the person who started the fucking war to begin with.

Fortunately the rest of the trip went well, though it turns out that poor dcatt1 thought we were going to need picking up at the airport -- she wound up calling us while we were waiting for the rental car for Roni (she didn't want to make Leslie drive her about again) from the terminal. Oops...

Edited to Add: And that's about as far as I had gotten.

Friday I spent a few hours watching Lilly while Catt went and had a late "Mother's Day" manicure. It worked out perfectly, as the present Roni had shipped to Arizona from work showed up at the door that very afternoon, after Lilly finally fell asleep -- the poor thing had an upset tummy. I have to admit, I thought she was ticked at being left with me, but after she felt better she was a force of bright and sunny nature. She's also figured out how to put words together into sentences, like "silly daddy stop NOW!" whenever I tickled her.

My mom came in Friday night. It wasn't until earlier that morning that I found out that she planned on crashing at Catt's place. You know, the one where I was sleeping with Catt? Awkward probably has this listed as an example.

Roni, Catt and me took her to a local kiddy amusement park (mom was still exhausted from the trip, and wasn't too sure about dealing with Arizona heat) -- she was fascinated by it, but would only consent to riding the little train that wound around the park (she LOVED waving at people) and the carousel -- but not on a horse. Only  on bench seat. Ironically, she had more fun playing with Roni on the cool little play set outside of the amusement park area.

We took everyone to late lunch/early dinner, and then went home to open presents -- She insisted on wearing at least part of the outfit that Roni had brought. As it turned out, we completely forgot about the fed-ex package I had stashed under Catt's bed, so we didn't open that until Sunday. It was this little table and chair set, complete with little umbrella. It worked out perfectly, as it was just before breakfast -- when Catt went to put her into her high chair, Lilly made it absolutely clear that she was a big girl now, and wanted to eat at her own table. So she did.

There's more. There's ALWAYS more. Sometimes I wish I could just remember it all for you to read, but then these posts would probably take over the world.
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