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And Then, There Was A Sudden Surge Of Geek Energy...

I am SUCH a freaking geek.

Right now Roni is being the Bestest Girl A Geek Can Have and is standing in line (she's number 20) at an AT&T store in Emeryville. Yes, for THAT iPhone. My last two year extension ended in January, which was right when Mr. Jobs announced that he had convinced AT&T to give up the family jewels so Apple could do to cell phones what it did for computers and MP3 players.

And so for the last 6 months I've been tolerating (barely) a blitz of recycling from Verizon as they tried to woo me with their decent coverage but crappy service, not to mention crippling their phones to keep me from, say, moving a photo from the phone to my PC by way of a cable sans hacking. Yes, I've hacked my phones in the past, and probably will do so again. But I shouldn't have to for something so mind-boggling simple as taking a picture.

Except that this week has been that prime example of Mercury slipping into reverse -- which is more than the Bug can do at the moment. After (nearly) nine years and 180,000 miles, the poor dear had a sit down strike. The engine is running fine, but the damn thing won't shift out of park. The nice flat-bed operator noted it could just be a snapped cable, but since we were told 3.25 years ago that the transmission needed to be replaced yesterday (for the meager sum of 4,000 dollars US, or about what the car was worth), I'm convinced that the trainy finally died.

Suddenly I was forced to get back on the horse and bike to/from work again. I also had to deal with the longer term implications, which included:
  • Donating the Bug -- at this point it's really not worth selling.
  • Getting the insurance re-arranged.
  • Deciding if we wanted to get another car.
  • Financing another car?
And so on. I had been thinking for awhile that a Zap truck would be perfect for the island (flat, a super short commute) -- and would have the added benefits of way lower insurance (less than half what the bug was to insure) and the sharp reduction of gas station stops.

That's because it's completely electric.

Like I said: GEEK.

So now Roni's driving the Saturn to work, and we have a truck on order. Even better (and, if possible, geekier) is that it's the model with a built in solar panel -- on days where I'm just going to and from work it won't even need a re-charge.

Finally, as if that weren't enough, Roni had such fun playing her friend's Wii in Phoenix that she wanted to use an unexpected mini-bonus (of sorts) from work to get one -- so I scored one on e-Bay for 315.00, sniping one within ten minutes of signing on with a custom black case. My first gaming console purchase in 30 years.

No, I'm not kidding -- the last one was a box I got from Service Merchandise on Long Island in 1977 that played variants of "pong". And yes, it's as much fun as people say -- virtual reality 101, really, but a blast none-the-less.

I just scored a ride to Emeryville, so I'll need to cut this short. But in summary, and in conclusion...

I'm such a freaking GEEK.
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