Yohannon (yohannon) wrote,

And Mercury Goes Direct At Last

So last night Roni and I decided to go out for a soak. The nightly fog that's been keeping Alameda from suffering the same triple digit heat that seems to be everywhere was so thick, it almost felt like it was going to rain.

Just before I went outside I kept hearing this odd drone -- I could tell it was aircraft, but it sounded -- wrong, somehow. As it grew ever louder, I realized it sounded like a ducted fan, and aside from some experimental craft (think Moller Flying Cars), there was only one other craft I could think of that used those...

Sure enough, as I ran out back skyclad, the Goodyear blimp passed directly over my house at about 1000 feet.

Roni was less impressed: Apparently her mother worked for the tire company, and a perk involved Roni actually traveling via blimp once as a child. Quick, how many people do you know personally who've tripped by blimp and have hung out with Leonard Nimoy? I have a cool girlfriend...

We had an amazing tub, with the mist and wind mixing perfectly with the night. At one point I made a joke about feeling like I could make it rain...

When it did.

People not from the Bay Area of San Francisco are probably baffled by the import of this --  as cold and misty as our summers are (as once famously noted by Mr. Twain) it doesn't actually RAIN here during this season.

At first we stood together, hands clasped in the rain, thinking it would pass. It finally did about 15 minutes later, so we went in... but later that night I could hear it come down repeatedly.

You know, I was going to bitch about things in the rest of this post... but none of it matters.

I got to stand naked in the summer rain with someone I loved, kissing as the warm wind blew about us.

'Nuff said.
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