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Nimoy Photograph on a Tee

Well, this explains a lot.

This is a FRAGMENT of an entry I meant to put in weeks ago, but somehow managed to forget about until just now, when I fired up "Deepest Sender" at home:

Goddamn it, I'm really starting to think this mercury retrograde thing is more than a bizarre example of pseudo-science.

I've always contended that most "divination" is a means for self-discovery and analysis -- tarot cards, crystal balls, and the like are best used with that in mind. Astrology is no different: Most horoscopes are the personal equivalent of a "word of the day", allowing you to focus on a possibility, not bank on it like it's a forgone conclusion.

But DAMN, it sure seems like life is throwing more than my share of personal analysis this week.

First, the bug, after 180 thousand miles and nearly nine years, finally decided it didn't want to shift any more. While this could be as simple as repairing a cable, we already knew that the transmission was near death more than three years ago. Emotionally more wrenching then I would have expected, it had the bad taste to do this at 4:10 PM on Friday. I had to run to Berkeley  to see if it was something easily fixable.

An hour later we were home with the bug... on a flat bed.

Damn it.

So then there's the bed. I've known for at least a year that it had reached the end of a 15 year life. Need I explain why that would also tear at my heart just a bit? This weekend it finally became clear that it was well PAST that point.

So I found myself shopping for new transportation and a new bed, but it seems hollow. We had been expecting both purchases, so it was a foregone conclusion what we'd get. I just hate dealing with the memories and implications of losing those objects, mere contrivances of convenience, yet still  hard to let go.
"But I could have SWORN I posted that!" Right.

Anyway, that's not what I wanted to talk about today -- This is.

This link is NOT safe for work -- but I think y'all will agree when you see it that my Geek Fu is beyond our capacity to measure now:
Roni Would Be The Front Left Model of the Circle of Dancers
That would be Heather holding her left hand, and an incredibly hot babe who (much to my disgust) no longer lives in Oakland is holding her right.
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