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September - What a Month!

First a shout out to Dawn, who sent me a very sweet note filled with concern regarding my well-being. Yes, I'm alive, and I'm sorry that I haven't gotten back to you yet.

As for everyone else: I was just burned out on September. Between the various icky things that have happened both to me personally (see last year's late September entries regarding my face hitting the pavement) and in general (I'm DONE with 9/11 references. Politicians and pundits have taken what should have been a day of remembrance and milked it of all decency. I'm looking at YOU Guiliani and Bush!), I just could say anything at all.

I'm also going through some very introspective stuff regarding what it means to me to be a writer, and (to be blunt) it's mostly boring as hell.

Once I land, I'll post. Until then, don't panic!
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