Yohannon (yohannon) wrote,

A Fanboy Moment to Cherish

I kept calm and cool while in the gallery, but in the parking garage I literally went "SQUEEEEEEE!!" and jumped up and down.

But that was later.

I actually shook Leonard Nimoy's hand, and got to thank him. The man was 100% class, and he has a lovely wife. They both were delighted to see Roni, and let there be no doubt... as much joy as I took in getting to meet one of my idols since childhood, it was Roni's time to shine, even if she would deny it vociferously.

Roni was the one recognized and complemented (okay, one person recognized me, but only because they knew about my LJ), who specifically was called out my Leonard Nimoy and his wife, and was interviewed by Entertainment Tonight (no, I don't know when it'll air. It may already, or maybe it will pop up early next week).

I have a lot more to type about (including some nasty comments for the asshole who tried to play alpha male with me during the flight out, and the fact that drivers in this state are going to make people think the name is ASS-achusetts), but I'm exhausted, especially after making damn certain that I saw the first LIVE "Saturday Night Live" I've had the pleasure of seeing in... well, a very, VERY long time. Good thing it didn't suck (I can't believe who was REALLY under that Barack Obama mask! Almost makes up for his bullshit association with a homophobic minister... almost... but not quite).

Later y'all!
Tags: geek, personal
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