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Contemplating High Quality Problems

How do you identify a "high quality" problem? When I was working at Apple, it was that we literally could not keep iPod Nano™ MP3 players on the shelves due to their overwhelming popularity. On a personal note, it would be trying to say "no" to a slew of phone calls and e-mails practically begging me to consider a position working at NASA again.

As we walked through Northhampton, MA last weekend, I actually heard myself saying out loud to Roni: "Jeeze, I think it would be cool to work for NASA again, but I really love my current job too much to leave."

That, my friends, is a high quality problem.

Fortunately, my dilemma might be someone else's happy happenstance: If you're in the bay area, a Mac Geek, and would love to say you got to wander through Moffet Field and NASA Ames with impunity, send me a resume and a cover letter. This will be through a contractor and a temp gig, but it's slated to be fairly long term (12 to 18 months). Sending your resume through me could score me a bonus if you're hired -- depending on who you are, the kickback could be in the form of dinner and/or a hot tub on me. If it's a REALLY big bonus, we'll talk. ;-)

Edit to Add:

I received some specific requirements back from the contractor:

Responsible for installing, configuring and maintaining PC, Macintosh and Linux/Unix, workstations for Lockheed Martin at NASA Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, California. Ideal candidates will have recent experience working in a large corporate or government IT environment. Work consists of Tier 2 support providing using desk side, telephone and remote access to assist end users in resolving computer related issues. Candidate should have experience working with systems an Active Directory and familiar with various LAN configurations. Efficient troubleshooting skills and resolving problems with little or no documentation are a must. The ability to produce detailed problem descriptions and keep extensive notes must be shown on a daily basis. Position requires shift flexibility and may include night, weekend or holiday work when scheduled. Move computer related equipment up to 50lbs. Required to pass government background check.

Required Skills:

Bachelor Degree in related field or equivalent

Excellent verbal and written communication

High technical proficiency in:

MS Windows XP/2000, OS X, Linux, UNIX, MS Word, MS Outlook, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, MS Entourage, , Active Directory, Palm Desktop, Mozilla, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Netscape, Safari and MS Remote Desktop Working knowledge of TCP/IP networking, SSH.

Desired Skills;

Technical proficiency in:

SMS, NFS, Perl, Unix shell scripting, Remedy, MS Access, Eudora, Informed Filler, Cisco VPN, Timbuktu, Tivoli, SAP, WebEx, Oracle Calendar, Thunderbird, Windows 2003 Server, Symantec Ghost
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