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Bush's Law

In what can only be described is a savant like experience of rain-man proportions, the Shrub and Co. may have inadvertently stumbled onto one of  Murphy's myriad bastard sibling corollaries: There is no rule so ironclad that it can not be perverted in it's spirit by mankind.

Take this whole Homeland Security thing. When I first heard that label, I immediately was struck by the unnerving similarity between a work like "homeland" and "fatherland".  So much so that I almost as quickly suppressed that sensation as over-reaction.

But then I saw this little tidbit in elfs  journal:

Homeland, homeland, above all... Sing it with me!

Before you ask: This is not a joke. A dream. An imaginary tale. No, my friends, this image is actually sourced directly from the Air Force web site media directory.

After sharing Elfs general sense of "Whiskey Tango FUCK?!" (and speculating on the idea that horrific associations might have an expiration date based on some of the more fringe viewpoints in the commentary following his blogtry), I had a flash of insight similar to that gut wrenching realization that some of the present administration might actually have BELIEVED the crap they were spewing:

Bush the Lesser, by blatantly plagiarizing the Nazi Germany play-book, has made it impossible for the awakening giant of the online political movement to deal with it, as you immediately run afoul of "Goodwin's Law"; The idea that once an online thread or discussion has gone into a melodramatic death spiral, someone starts making outlandish comparisons to Hitler or Nazism and it's all it's oozing, putrescent glory holiness. This is a pattern I've seen repeated myself for nigh on 20 years, so I can understand why people would tend to avoid any discussion* once the name calling and flame baiting had descended to that blunt instrument, that gnat killing cannon of history: Nazi Germany.

Remember, there was a good four, perhaps five years where even expressing reservations to anything Bushie wanted to do had you painted as a yellow bellied no-good doubting Benedict Arnold of a Al Qaida dick-sucking TRAITOR. Can you imagine what they would do to someone for daring to insinuate any comparison between that noble turd standing between us and our civil liberties the terraists?

Sure, this is being over-reactive and snarky. I'm certain much more can be made of the whole "Air | Space | Cyberspace" thing -- can you all join me in a few rounds of "One of these things doesn't go with the others"? Yet if we can all put on our tin foil hats for just a nanosecond to bring those voices down to a tolerable din, you have to wonder: If there is such a wondrous beast as a collective subconsciousness, perhaps there's some small pocket of it in DC that's slipping to the surface like a sleep deprived attention slut and trying to tell us all something.

Which would be a good thing considering how badly the tradMedia needs to have it's collective nose rubbed into anything resembling news stories for adults those days... but I digress.

* Excepting those regarding the memorializing those that suffered because of those acts of societal-wide sociopathy -- how else can you explain people allowing others to be tortured and killed over superficial differences in skin color, religion, or culture? The fact that people in this country are supporting a president who is INSISTING on the right to do exactly that shows that people not only are capable of forgetting even the hardest lessons, they're determined to forget. That's right -- if you're not actively pushing for Bush and his administration to be impeached, arrested, tried, imprisoned, and (when appropriate) executed, then I say Goodwin's my bitch, and y'all are no better than the Nazi's.

I'll leave it up to the Zen Master's to determine if I'm running afoul of Quirk's Exception.
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