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Bringing It All Home...

Now, at long last...the actual Memorial Day Weekend!

I called Roni in advance, so she was waiting in front with a cold coke for my perusal (aside from chocolate and water it was the first thing I had since waking up that morning...bad 'Hannon!) and we were off to the airport.

We were almost there when I realized that, aside from the arrival time of her flight, I had no idea what airline Valerie was flying in on. However, I was so far gone from lack of food that I decided to go completely ZEN and see how close I got it.

Fortunately, the two airlines that Val's been flying up here a lot lately (United and American) are in the same terminal. I parked directly between the two possible entrances and left Roni to wait in the car.

Oh, I forgot to mention: While I was off with Julie, Roni had gotten her hair cut. I mean CUT. It's now this ADORABLE short cut that's just past her ears, and Valerie had no idea that she was doing it. Hell, *I* was unclear on how short she was getting it cut.

So, I ran inside, and quickly determined that I had guessed correctly, and that it was a united flight...and it was late. All that rushing for nought...oh well.

So I sat by the escalators by the baggage claim area where her bags would ostensibly emerge, and people watched. A few minutes after her flight arrived, I got a call...from Val.

"I'm out front"

"How the HELL are you out front?!"

(confused) "What do you mean?"

"I'm waiting by the baggage claim area!"

"Oh, I didn't check any bags this time...I wanted to prove I could do it." (Valerie is known for over-packing, often resulting in bags that bend even the strongest backs).

At this point I could see her as she walked in one of the doors. Turns out I was in the right place if she had baggage to pick up...but she didn't. Oh well.

Got her to the car, where there was much smooching with Roni, and appreciation shown for incredibly cute new haircut (they now looked even MORE like sisters) and we were off to find food.

We wound up eating at a local Lyons, where I ate an obscene amount of food. Unfortunately, it was too late for the screeching headache I had developed...my own damn fault, of course, for not eating sooner.

We all went back to Roni's, and collapsed.

Saturday was fun: We had lunch at Bocce's at North Beach (mmm....italian!), caught Insomnia, wandered about town a bit, went home to nap, play, and then decided to catch Rocky Horror in Oakland at the Park Theater. We grabbed some food at KFC and managed to snag yet ANOTHER porn star parking spot, right in front of the theater, where we ate food and made comments about the cute fat girls that all looked way too young. I noted that I was with the two cutest women, which I was: Maybe it's me, but if someone looks that young they probably ARE that young, and way too much trouble to deal with.

The show was great, with more virgins then I had seen in quite some time (over a dozen!). We stopped off to get Roni some Icy Goodness at a local 7-11, made our way home and crashed. Well, they did...I tried to update my journal, resulting in the "lost entry". (sighs) That meant I got to sleep around 5 am.

This resulted in MUCH laziness, and Val and I getting out of bed around 2PM. Roni was up hours before us, and had colored her hair (she's a natural red-head, but liked to jazz it up) and down several things around the house. We also suspect she was watching European League football downstairs, but she'll probably deny it.

The night before I had a chance to talk to ambar briefly, and she had invited us to a combined graduation party with her and elflet in Mountain View. We meandered that way, raising blood sugar at Mimi's Cafe in San Mateo first. It was about here that I realized that we're getting more and more serious about Val coming up to SF as Roni's OSO. And mine as well, I think. I think my life is getting even MORE complex than it was, damn it. Ah well...

Ambar's party was fun...we stayed for an hour, met some people, and had some incredible strawberry ice cream (home made). We then made our way to BayCon, which was mere minutes away at this point.

There we found Lisa, who looked positively tickled to death that we were there. She and Roni definitely have a thing going on, which was confirmed when Lisa called me back when we were leaving just to say "Have I mentioned recently how CUTE Roni is?" It's mutual, honey...VERY mutual.

We hung out at BayCon for awhile, torturing people who don't like us, delighting the ones who do (the former being a larger group of people, happily) just by our presence. We then decided to go check out the NAAFA pool party at their even at the Airport Westin.

So we rolled into the city, got our suits, and were at the Westin by a little after nine. Val and I were hoping to run into Flower, a woman I had known a few years ago but had lost touch with, and who was flirting with Val online as perniciously as I would have (I can respect that. :)

When she came in she looked delighted to see both of us. We hung out, talked, and confirmed a) she WAS flirting with Valerie, b) she missed me (losing touch was an accident: She had changed cell phone providers) c) BONUS: She wanted to model for me! (I admit, I did a happy dance while sitting in the hot tub, which was previously thought impossible.)

I also ran into Robin, a dear old friend and lover that Michele and I owe a lot to (when I realized she had been keeping up with my life via the site I was touched...I also thwapped her for not calling. She promised to send me an email soon, so Michele could chat with her too), Marianne (sigh...I still can't figure out what went wrong with THAT relationship), and Cat and Chris, a couple Roni, Val and I knew from down south.

Cat looked awful...she got WLS about 6-8 months ago, and has lost 150 pounds. She says she feels great, though she's hurt by the fact that I can't support the whole Weight Loss Surgery thing. What can I say, I think WLS is (in the words of a friend of mine in NJ) a form of medically sanctioned genocide. For every person who has permanent (read: Greater than five years) beneficial results, I know a dozen who are sick, have regained the weight, or have died. I think those odds suck.

Me, Flower and Val went to Flower's room to change (Roni hadn't thought to bring a shirt for afterwards, but she got out of the water sooner to dry a bit). Flower had, if you can excuse the pun, blossomed a lot in the last couple of years. She seemed so much more sure of herself, stronger, more present. I said as much to her (after giving her a hug while we were both unclothed...It took the fact that we had promised Roni to hurry for me to break it off. What a body!). She noted that she had grown a lot, mostly because of the live belly dance performances with the Fatima's (a BBW Belly Dancing Troupe) and all the exercise she had been getting. That, and she had really come to terms with being big and beautiful.

The mutual drooling society had to end, as we dressed quickly and got back downstairs. I think even Roni was surprised...I'm sure she thought at least *I* would get too distracted.

It was fairly late, so we tracked down a local Denny's (everything else was closed for Memorial Day) and had a mediocre meal. I was feeling very belligerent for some reason, which I copped to immediately -- I think I was hungrier than I thought.

At one point Flower and myself were watching Val and Roni at the Jukebox, both wearing jeans and bent over slightly to read the song list. She leans over and says "You have great taste in women". I misheard her, thinking she said "Those are very tasty women", and so I agreed with her...fortunately it was obvious I had confused what she had said, saving me from coming off all arrogant sounding.

Roni was exhausted, so we took Flower back to the hotel (which was easier because we would be seeing her in Vegas at the Bash at the end of June), went home, and fell asleep...this time at a relatively normal hour.

Monday we spent mostly at the house, spending the morning playing, grabbing some lunch at Mels, and then spending the afternoon watching Chicken Run. It was then time to take Valerie to the airport (sniff).

So, that's my life so far. Next entry will be about all the major issues that have been dumped into my lap as a result of the things that happened over the last week.
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