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In Which Yo Gets Paranoid From Watching Too Much CSI

Okay, so last weekend there was an apparent hit and run accident where they found this teenager dead in the road not far from where I live. I remember pondering the odd circumstances of the accident: It's been three years since there was a traffic fatality on this island, and there was just something about the report that had me spinning all sorts of CSI based theory about how one could make a murder look like an "accident".

Then today there was a report of an arrest, which included the following two key paragraphs:
Meanwhile, an autopsy today found that Mary died as a result of blunt force trauma to the head. The autopsy was initially scheduled for yesterday.

Based on his injuries, police think Mary was already lying on the roadway in the 1800 block of Shore Line Drive [SIC] when he was struck about 11 p.m. Saturday.
Wait a second: He was ALREADY LYING IN THE ROAD?

As in, someone took something large and heavy to his head, knocked him unconscious, and laid him in the road to be hit by some hapless teenager, who then freaked and bolted?

Making this even stranger is that there was no reason for him to be in that stretch of roadway as a pedestrian -- that's the beach side of the road (which is why it's called Shoreline Drive).

Ah well... I'm sure the police will use their excellent deductive skills and reasoning to be certain that the facts are all uncovered.*

* Sarcasm intended.
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