Yohannon (yohannon) wrote,

Work Manifest...

Goddess, I got tons done this week...I just wish some of it made me money. Other than checking off and mailing the Unemployment form. 14 weeks left...

Let's see...I cleared about 75% of the front yard. We're in the mountains, remember...redwoods drop a TON of debris in the slightest storm. I had put it off WAY too long. It still was no where as bad as the first time: I actually dropped a grand to HIRE someone to clear it, and he brought a helper...actually, the guy only wanted 750, but I actually tipped him 250. This was before the dot-com bubble burst, true...but I was hardly rich. But the sheer AMOUNT of work involved then included removing a gazebo (it was falling into a gully in the back, had a rotten floor, and so forth), an obscene amount of overgrowth (the blackberry bushes had gotten SO bad on one side of the house, we had lived there six months before I discovered we had an outdoor fireplace stretching that entire side), not to mention leftover construction debris from the houses rebuilding...seven years before.

I stacked a cord of wood for winter heating. I finally chopped down the trees bent over from last winters freak snow storm (the last time Boulder Creek saw actual accumulation was 1946...last year we got over 6 inches), cleaned and re-filled the hot tub...

Oh, I know. But I realized that leaving it off-line (I had shut it off at the beginning of August) was stupid in light of my financial situation. After all, I'm STRESSED. Having it on actually saved me money, if only by having something to entertain with as I'm having more visitors these days. Or at least plan to. Besides, I'm a shameless hot water slut anyway.

Cleaned the gutters, cleared the roof...I said REDWOODS. These bad boys are huge...over 200 feet. I've seen roofs with ferns growing out of them...and shortly thereafter covered by blue plastic tarps to stop the leaking that sort of growth can cause.

Did the Laundry (three loads) cleaned the kitchen, did the cat-boxes, made the bed, and FINALLY got my ISP situation figured out. Of course that meant moving the website, setting up new mail-boxes, dancing that set up dance with customer service...but it's still running. During the transfer I was suddenly painfully aware of the last time I updated it: I'm simply going to have to do a massive re-design. It's the best way I know of to keep my web content production skills sharp.

Weird experience this wednesday: Our dish washer had died two months ago. Just stopped mid-cycle -- a bit of a mess. We managed to scrape together enough to buy a new one, though Michele was a bit ominous about it ("It raises the value of the house to have working appliances". At this point the only major appliance we HAVEN'T replaced is the stove...and that includes a replaced faucet). We thought about just getting it fixed, until we realized that was almost as expensive as buying a new one -- we estimate the poor thing had been working for at least 13 years, and deserved to rest in peace.

That's not the weird thing. It was day the installation was to happen. We received a call that morning from the sub-contractor who handled the actual installation. It appears the man had been stuck in Mexico City until early Tuesday morning. That very night he was to attend a funeral for a friend...who had been flying back on 9/11/1. Flight 93.

Roni and I spoke of the 6 degrees of separation tonight, that now cliched theory that every person can be no more than 6 relationships from any other person in the world. I've noticed that there seems to be fewer than 4 degrees in this tragedy: I know that I have at least two 1 degree, over ten 2 degrees, and so many 3 degrees I haven't bothered to count them. True, I was born there: Yet most of my multiple degrees are with people who were born and raised in places like Louisiana, Florida, Washington (state)...and California.

That might be a key...since ALL the planes were from the west coast, the bastards nailed both coasts at once, if only by proxy in the case of the left coast.

Well, it's late again...I'm going to try and sleep.
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