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Scout's Honor

You know, it's always a tragedy when a happy gathering turns deadly. But I admit to having serious issues with the Scout's and their quasi official status, particularly considering their stance against non-christians and queers. I wouldn't mind so much if they just called themselves "The Christian Boy Scouts of America" and were done with it -- it's the fact that they hold themselves up as the "model" for all boy-hood in america.

Various so-called "christians" like to blame some natural disasters (Katrina and New Orleans comes immediately to mind) on the sins of the people -- they see Sodom and Gomorrah everywhere floods, tidal waves, winds and earthquakes occur.

I find it strange that, in recent years, two very clear "signs of god" have struck major Christian Scout gatherings -- there was the freak lightning strike that took out a few of them a year or so ago, and now a tornado has attacked, and you don't hear that it was "god's punishment" from the wingnuts.

Or maybe they ARE calling it that -- only they would take the wrong message away, I'm sure. "We must still have some queers amongst us -- let the witch hunt begin!"

Am I bitter? Sure. A bit. But watching the same people falling over themselves to praise the "heroic strength" of the CBSA who paid scant attention to even greater heroics and strength makes me wonder how they can look themselves in the mirror and call themselves "christians" without their head's exploding, or their crucifix's spinning on their walls in place.*

* Warning: I am a trained professional -- Do not attempt to read this paragraph aloud without stretching first. Keep hydrated. Do not look into laser with remaining eye. May cause dry mouth.
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