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You Still Need the Body, Damn It...

Well, the Supreme Court provided another example of the reasons why former Hillary supporters should swallow their wounded pseudo-feminist pride and vote for Obama in the fall today, by restoring the concept of Habeas Corpus to the Gitmo detainees with a 5-4 margin. That established jurists, supposedly at the top of their game, wouldn't unanimously support such a basic judicial concept stuns and dismays me, as it should any true American.

You heard me -- if you don't support Habeas Corpus and the Constitution, you're not really American. If you're an elected official, it should be a firing offense -- in fact, it is. That's why it's a part of the oath that all public servants swear as they take office.

Close or not, it WAS overturned. And that, as they say, should be that... of course, that doesn't stop a Shrub ball licker from making a statement along the lines of "How does this make the men and women fighting in Iraq feel, if they know this is what happens to the terrorists they catch?" (I'm paraphrasing what I heard on the radio this morning that made me flip a bird in the general direction of DC).

I want to answer that question.

They should feel proud that they're protecting a system that isn't just a "goddamned piece of paper", a system that isn't just rules, regulations, and the whims of a petty little mass of mediocrity playing at being the "Decider". They should feel proud that our system transcends politics, fear, and pavlovian twitches and jerks every time the Faux Nutwork goes "BOO!". They should feel proud that the idea that EVERYONE should play by the same rules -- even if Nancy Pelosi goes to extreme's to avoid taking the garbage out.

To all those who trot their alleged (ALLEGED, folks -- nothing's proven until it's PROVEN, and a lot of people have already been proven innocent in gitmo) atrocities seem to forget that the laws exist to protect all of us -- after all, Bush the Lesser has fought for the right to treat US CITIZENS as "enemy combatants" (a phrase that was created from whole cloth by the Shrubs lawyers) as well.

The more horrible the crime, the more vital it is we show our true spirit as Americans and FORCE ourselves to follow the laws of the land, as envisioned by the people who created them to protect us. We arrested, tried, and have convicted some of the most notorious criminals of this land -- Jeffrey Dahmer, David Berkowiz, and Charles Manson were all terrorists themselves, dervishes of destruction that spread fear and uncertainty. Even the Oklahoma Bombers got their day in court.

What are the members of the "Bush Regime" so fucking scared of? I mean, has this what we've come to? Letting a bunch of cowards run our government so that they can feel a little less insecure, a little less like balls-less wonders, by scaring the crap out of enough people?

It's time America stops hiding it's light under a bushel, leading by example, and showing the highest form a democracy can achieve... not the lowest.
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