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New Orleans 2005 = Cedar Rapids 2008

So y'all know what a 100 year flood plane is, right? It's basically the areas where, about once every 100 years or so, it rains enough under the right conditions, to, well, FLOOD. A 500 year flood plane is the larger area where, literally once a millenium, the waters could rise enough to get wet.

In Iowa, Cedar Rapids has chunks of it's surrounding environs in a 500 year flood plane. For those areas to flood, it would take a water level of 25 feet thereabouts. The previous record for the river level was 20 feet, set in 1929.

The current level is 30 feet and rising.

The Iowa National Gard is down to 40%, as most of their people and equipment are in... you guessed it... Iraq.

Where's the Shrub? McCain? The TradMedia? Bueller? Bueller?
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