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It's Wafer Thin...

Well, I'm going to TRY and keep these smaller, more digestible. There seems to be a contingent of people who actually are reading these (several whom are lurking...you know who you are!) so I need to show some mercy.

Tuesday turned out to be a great day. Cleaned up most of the damage we did to Roni's room over the long weekend before heading out (she hates when i take care of things, but she's SO busy with the Cafe that I know it's appreciated. In fact, this time she sent me a "thank you", as after the LONG day she had it was really nice to crawl between those nice sheets of hers). Wound up spending time with someone I've had my eyes (but not much else) on for quite some time. I won't write about that publicly, as it was a very special thing that requires a great deal of processing for all concerned. Yes, witness the great geek Yohannon exercise discretion! GASP!

At some point during the afternoon had a talk with Michele, who decided that she needed Buffalo Wings from the Original Wings place. They're a small chain located about San Francisco, the one nearest to Boulder Creek being in San Bruno. Call it about 50 minutes out, if I drive like a demon.

So I go in, order the wings, and take them literally from the fryer to Michele's dinner plate in about 45 minutes. They were still hot.

Speaking of Michele, even as I write this she's on her way home from work...apparently not feeling well. She should be home by 2PM...shame is, it's an INCREDIBLE day. It's so bright out I might have to wear sunglasses IN the house. I'm wondering about in a sarong, the windows are all open and this nice breeze keeps wafting through.

Last night bunjee and me wound up snuggling up together on the phone. For some reason I couldn't stop thinking about her, and sure enough she was awake as I was. For the record I had tried to crash with Michele at about 11, but my eyes wouldn't shut for the life of me. So B and me made plans to see each other next weekend.

Oh, interesting side note: There was a posting on Apple's job board for a mailing list jockey, basically to do admin for all those servers. When I was doing the EvangeList I became acquainted with with the rather spectacular name of Chuq Von Rospach. When I saw the job listing, my first fear was that Apple had done something to piss Chuq off enough to quit (entirely possible). Then I decided to be optimistic, and dropped him a note asking if they had come to their senses and were getting him some help.

Much to my surprise I got a reply back in 20 minutes (one of the many reasons we get along so well is we're BOTH night owls), and I'm happy to say my second theory was the correct one.

Next thing I knew I was applying for the job. Hey, I can think of worse things than working for Chuq...at least I KNOW he knows what he's doing.

So, I cross my fingers...knock on wood...sacrifice a chicken...a tech job would do my soul a whole lotta good right about now.
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